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Living Life Artfully

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Doodling is Good for You -- Who Knew?
Remember drawing yGeometric Doodles and Swirlsour sixth-grade teacher with devil horns in your notebook, or doodling flowers, stars, or Homer Simpson during a long business meeting? I’ve been guilty of these scenarios. But happily, I no longer feel like a complete slacker. Turns out, making inane marks or whimsical drawings of your uptight boss could be productive and healthy.

Psychology Today magazine reports that doodling can help boost your memory and concentration. That means doodlers are actually not “spacing out.” The activity can help to keep you engaged in the present moment and better able to process information in a variety of situations, such as a business meeting or a lecture.

Flower DoodleIf you suffer from anxiety, doodling can help relieve your symptoms. My own anxiety “tool box” includes yoga, meditation, hula-hooping and doodling. When anxiety strikes, drawing random designs helps me to refocus my scattered, panicky thoughts. It's quite soothing.

I never dreamed that some of my grade school doodles would positively influence my future career as an artist. I’ve actually incorporated some of my mindless scribbles into paintings, jewelry, prints and cards.

(Doodle images by Christine Auda.
Recently Sold -- "Energy"

Last month, my client/friend in Ridgewood, NJ purchased the lively painting shown above. There was some synchronicity here. Before buying it, my friend told me, “I need your energy on my walls.” Weeks later, while at a café, she viewed my website and was immediately drawn to the artwork shown above. However, there was no visible label displaying the name and I’d momentarily forgotten what it was called. When I checked, we were both amazed. The artwork’s title was “Energy.” Wow!

Once the painting was hung in her dining room, my friend told me in an email, “The design and colors are magnificent! I feel like I live in a museum now.”
Where to Purchase Art by Christine Auda

Hanuman Massage and Energetics at the Yoga Shala, North Bend, WA
Selah Gifts, North Bend, WA
Devon Fine Jewelry, Wyckoff, NJ - coming this spring! - contact me for prints, paintings or commissions.
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