You had me at hello.
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There once was a giant bird named Iggy who roamed the streets of Seattle hoping to meet a special pet mom. You see, his feathered mom had recently died of the bird flu, leaving Iggy alone and deeply sad. His heart felt like a crushed tomato.

People spotted this giant blue creature in Ravenna, Freemont and at Discovery Park. Some days, Iggy flew to Pioneer Square hoping the pulse of the city would boost his energy. He desperately wanted to feel joyful again.

Then on Feb. 1st, after witnessing the worst call in Super Bowl history, Iggy sunk into a deep depression when his beloved Seahawks lost to the New England Patriots. How he loathed the Patriots and that evil Tom Brady with his silly smirk and infamously deflated balls.

While munching on half-eaten cheddar bits left on the sidewalk by concerned customers at Fuel Sports Bar, Iggy’s heart skipped a beat when a really tall girl glanced his way.

 “Hello, my name is Iggy. What’s yours?”

“Hi, Iggy. I’m Stella. It’s nice to meet you.”

Iggy’s giant blue heart melted. He’d found his new mom! And the best part? She was blue, too.

Stella hugged him and adopted him on the spot.

“ Iggy," she said, "You had me at hello.”

“You had me at hello,” $900
Acrylic on canvas, 24” x 36”

If you have any questions or are interested in this painting, please
email or call me at 973-949-5187.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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