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Living Life Artfully

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Deactivating Facebook for a More Peaceful Holiday
This month, I decided to go rogue and deactivate (not deleting) my Facebook account. I realize this is an unpopular decision, but maybe I’m a rebel. It might be a temporary vacation, or not.

I purposely chose the holiday season to unplug. Without the constant cacophony of updates, dramatic rants, and Facebook’s increasing “big brother” policies, I feel liberated, engaged in the moment, peaceful and a bonus: more creative. I also feel more isolated – oddly, in a good way.
And, I wasn’t even on Facebook that much.

I’ll miss seeing family updates and photos of my nieces and nephews. And I'll miss engaging with other artists, businesses and non-profit organizations I volunteer for. However, I can still “lurk” on public sites.

I don’t miss feeling obligated to “like” a comment or photo. Nor will I miss the sometimes-competitive nature of carefully curated profiles and the more public and diluted relationships. I’ve often logged off Facebook feeling less connected to people than before logging on.

If you resonate with anything I’ve mentioned, or have ever suffered from “Facebook depression” (a surprisingly common feeling,) then maybe take a break and see how you feel. Try not to let the fear of missing updates motivate you to stay. Either way, do whatever makes you feel peaceful.
My Art is in Selah Gifts! Just in time for the holidays...


So excited to announce that two of my limited edition, digital art canvas prints, “Retro Girl” and “Francois” (photo above) are now available for purchase at Selah Gifts in North Bend, WA. This uber-cool, urban boutique has an ever-changing array of quirky and funky gifts, offering you everything you didn’t know you needed. Owner Shelly Woodward is a hoot, and more importantly, a magician when it comes to choosing last-minute gifts, beautifully wrapped, for everyone on your holiday list. Stop by this month and meet Shelly, Francois and Retro Girl. They’ll make you smile.

Wishing you a peaceful, loving and joyful holiday!
In memory of our beloved orange tabby, Corky.  We will always love you. (1998 - 2013)
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Live Life Artfully!

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