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Supporting Community Initiatives

Ngarendare Forest Trust Community Development Fund is making a difference in the surrounding six communities. From supporting the community on-farm tree planting program to school bursaries, the fund has helped in strengthening relationship between communities and the forest more than before. Some of the funds go to assist community tree nurseries through purchase and issues of tree seeds, the polythene tubes and implements. During the planting season, the Trust assist the  communities to buy back the seedlings from the nurseries through the one-for-one program for their on-farm planting. We would like to thank the family and friends of the Paul Epsom Foundation for supporting the Community nurseries and on-farm tree planting program.Some of the key achievements of the forest trust is the implementation of the 13.5km short power fence, the introduction of biogas program and the energy saving jikos
Community nurseries with ready seedlings

Tens of families set to benefit from clean drinking water

The Trust, through its good its good relationship with its neighbors, is installing a 4 km pipeline to the Ngano village on its northern boundary. The self regulating weir has been funded by Ujima Ltd, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy the NNFT. The communities play their role in kind by providing the unskilled labour and provision of the PVC pipes.

Infrastructural development for forest and community access

As the need for the more access to the forest eco-sites increases and the need for more interlink between communities and the forest, the Trust has endeavored to keep its roads and firebreaks in good condition. This has eased access to the Trust ecotourism sites in the forest and increased efficiency in forest protection and community access.
Well maintained forest roads and firebreaks

Enhancing Staff performance and Management

The Trust puts a lot of emphasis on forest security. The ability to effectively patrol and curb any illegal activity in the forest depends on the  capacity of the community forest scouts. The Trust, through support from  NRT was able to acquire some uniforms and repair  communication equipments for its scouts.  The equipments included charger boxes for VHF radios, battery repairs, and GPS machines .
Well equipped community scouts

Playing our role as a pilot project

NNFT has been a reference point in the region on matters of formation of CFAs, ecotourism, Community development and linkages with its supporters and assistance providers. The Trust has continued to receive communities and groups from as far as western and northern  Kenya coming in to learn and replicate the functions and projects of the Trust in their home areas.

Training grazers and farmers on conservation

Grazing is one of the key programs of the Ngarendare forest.   The Trust has linked with NRT to train the grazers on the forest grazing plan, holistic management and formation and implementation of forest grazing by-laws. The farmers on the southern border are undergoing Conservation Farming and potatoes production training by PafAid and Lachlan International respectively

Friends of Ngarendare and payment for Ecosystem services

Friends of Ngarendare Forest have continued keeping their faith in the forest. They have continued to support the Ngarendare forest through their annual subscription . At the same time most of the friends have found  time to visit the forest and enjoyed its serenity, either singly or with their immediate families and friends. We would like to thank Timaflor Ltd, Kisima Farm, Ol donyo farm and Sue Fusco for their continued support through their  payment for the ecosystem services.
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