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Potentially Crippling Effects of Aging Water Infrastructure Coming to the Surface

Proactive asset management now can greatly reduce costs later 

The EPA’s most recent report to Congress shows a $150 billion increase in capital needed to fix buried infrastructure by 2030 compared to a 1999 estimate. The problem for most water utilities is finding the resources to address pipe deterioration, yet when they are able to take a systematic approach to asset management, operational and maintenance costs can be greatly reduced. In Hong Kong, where a large-scale leakage control and main repair/replacement program began in 2000, the number of pipe bursts has fallen from 2,479 to 317 annually, while leakage costs have fallen by almost half. Read the whole article here.

According to a Black and Veatch 2013 report, nearly 60% of ratepayers don’t understand the real costs of providing safe and reliable water service. “The mindset of providing water service based on consumption needs to change to take into account the value of a reliable water delivery system and the upkeep of its infrastructure,” says Joseph Mantua, Client Director, Black and Veatch.

Case Study: 72-Inch Concrete Storm Drain Infiltration Eliminated in Days with HydraTite Internal Joint Seal


The challenge was to rehabilitate reinforced concrete storm drains under a major intersection. Inspection by engineers revealed that the 72-in pipe had opened up. In certain areas the joints had failed and storm water had eroded the surrounding soil producing sizable sink holes in the roadway and surrounding areas.

Engineered Solution
Eliminate infiltration with the HydraTite internal joint seal was proposed as a solution.

To determine the most appropriate product, an engineer inspected the lines. After approval of the repair by the client, the HydraTite seals were manufactured and then installed in one day using trained personnel. The inspection, manufacture and installation were completed within days of the client authorizing the job to be started.

The crew and all materials entered through existing manholes and there was no above ground disruption to the traffic as the seals were installed. Installation of the HydraTite seals eliminated infiltration and prevented any further sinkholes.

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Fun April Fact

Mark Twain was born in 1835, a year in which Halley’s comet was visible from earth. In 1909, he wrote, “I came in with Halley’s comet…and I expect to go out with it.” When he died on April 21, 1910, the comet was again visible in the night sky.


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