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For immediate release: July 2, 2015

Traveling VMM exhibit to follow in the footsteps of the early Arctic explorers!

First Voyage: August 11 - 23, 2015
One Ocean Voyager Akademik Sergey Vavilov
Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Cambridge Bay
This summer the Vancouver Maritime Museum is returning to the Arctic in an exciting new partnership with One Ocean Expeditions to bring to the North the Museum’s exhibit Across the Top of the World: the Quest for the Northwest Passage.
The exhibit will create a floating museum for one year on board One Ocean Voyager Akademik Sergey Vavilov, the same ship that supported Parks Canada and Royal Canadian Geographical Society in the Victoria Strait Expedition 2014, successfully locating Franklin’s ship HMS Erebus.
The traveling portion of Across the Top of the World will make its maiden voyage on One Ocean’s Northwest Passage expedition from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Cambridge Bay, August 11 – 23 2015.
Following in the footsteps of the early Arctic explorers such as Franklin, Amundsen and Larsen, this exhibit tells their stories of adventure and discovery as it sails through the breathtaking Northwest Passage and is immersed back in the North. For centuries brave explorers attempted to find this same iconic and remote route: their infamous searches shaping Canada’s identity along the way.
On this first voyage the exhibit will stop off at the arctic communities of Pond Inlet and Cambridge Bay where it will come ashore and be displayed to the public, with more communities to be visited in the coming year.
“We may not be able to get the people to the museum but we can certainly get the museum to the people!” says Vancouver Maritime Museum Director, Captain Ken Burton. “With the assistance of One Ocean Expeditions, the Vancouver Maritime Museum will be repatriating copies of historical images from the extensive VMM collection, ephemera and historic videos back to the Arctic communities. This will be a truly unique community program between the hamlets of the Arctic, the Vancouver Maritime Museum and One Ocean Expeditions.” 
Captain Burton will be on board for this voyage sharing the important historical artifacts with passengers and presenting the exhibit to Northern Arctic communities. He brings a wealth of knowledge with him about the Northwest Passage, Canada’s claim to this waterway, the search for Sir John Franklin, the RCMP Schooner St. Roch and his own voyage onboard St. Roch II.
Taken on Todd Island during the voyage of St. Roch II, potential remains of a fateful Northwest Passage voyage, 
Photo by Ken Burton
Artifacts that Captain Burton will bring aboard include: the first known chart showing the location and details of the Northwest Passage route as discovered by Captain McClure and the HMS Investigator; a deck tile from Roald Amundsen’s Maud; the 1852 Broadcloth that describes Captain Austin’s expedition in search of Sir John Franklin on HMS Intrepid, HMS Resolute and HMS Assistance; and items from the St. Roch’s 1940s voyage through the Northwest Passage such as her flag, Captain Henry Larsen’s stop watch and crew member E. Hadley’s Polar Medal received for his services to this expedition.
Other special guests on this voyage include Susan Hunt, Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and artist Cory Trepanier who will join mid-voyage, as he hitch-hikes his way through the Canadian Arctic, painting the landscapes along the way.
For the next year this exhibit will travel pole to pole with One Ocean Expeditions extending the global reach of the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Starting in the Canadian Arctic this summer it will then voyage to the Antarctic for the 2015/2016 season and return once again to the Canadian Arctic in Summer 2016. 

There are still limited births available on board the One Ocean Voyager / Akademik Sergey Vavilov.  More information can be found here:

Please contact One Ocean Expeditions sales department:
Phone: 1.855.41.OCEAN (855 416 2326)
Across the Top of the World: the Quest for the Northwest Passage
On display at Vancouver Maritime Museum | May 9 2015 – Summer 2016
Across the Top of the World centres on one of the greatest stories of exploration and discovery: the European quest for a Northwest Passage, an oceanic shortcut from the Atlantic to the Pacific across the top of North America. This main exhibit will remain at Vancouver Maritime Museum while the traveling exhibit navigates its way through the Northwest Passage.

Dr James Delgado
Across the Top of the World is based upon Dr. James Delgado’s book of the same name. Delgado is a maritime archaeologist, explorer and author who has worked all over the world, and was the Executive Director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum for 15 years. This exhibit would not have been possible without his support.

Captain Ken Burton
In the year 2000 Captain Burton was placed in charge and served as Captain of the St. Roch II voyage. This was a Government of Canada millennium project, which saw Captain Burton and crew retrace the voyages of the original RCMP St. Roch. During this 169-day 24, 000 nautical mile circumnavigation of North America (in the RCMP Patrol Vessel Nadon), they made over 50 ports of call into 7 different countries.
During the Northwest Passage portion of this expedition Captain Burton and his team spent significant time searching for signs of the lost Franklin expedition and conducting SONAR surveys looking for signs of military submarine activity. He is the current Executive Director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Susan Hunt
Susan Hunt has been teaching human and physical geography with a focus on cultural landscapes for over 25 years and is an Associate Professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. She has led field schools to Europe, Morocco, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysian Borneo and Bali. Susan is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and believes everyone is a geographer, they just may not know it!

One Oceans Expeditions 

One Ocean Expeditions is a Canadian expedition cruise operator founded in 2007. The company operates two purpose built research vessels that are specifically designed for polar exploration and combine modern comforts and superb amenities with first-class safety features. As a proud partner of the Victoria Straight Expedition in 2014, participating in the successful search for the HMS Erebus, One Ocean Expeditions has created itineraries tailor made for adventure and wildlife enthusiasts alike.  One Ocean Expeditions continually strives to excel as a polar expert by collaborating with researchers and explorers in exciting programs.  In the Arctic, One Ocean Expeditions directly supports Northern communities through support of local business, donations and community outreach programs, whilst in Antarctica they are involved in numerous efforts in the continued scientific support and conservation of the continent.

About the Vancouver Maritime Museum:
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