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Dear supporters of peace and progress

WITH THE CURRENT big cluster of National Yagyas running from 16 to 26 July 2022 we continue to nourish world consciousness from the level of the Absolute.

Big thank you to the donors of the following countries: Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and USA. Warmest appreciation for this great support!

IMMEDIATE NEXT: The next chance to keep up this momentum with strong support is the Yagya cycle running from 30 July to 9 August 2022!

National Yagyas for maximum coherence
to help protect national life on all levels

Bringing peace, safety, healing, coherence and invincibility
for all the people of the Russia and Ukraine Region and the world

CONTINUING the Romania World Peace Assembly (WPA)
at the beautiful Lake Amara in Romania

All Sidhas around the world are very welcome to join the WPA group in Romania. Enjoy diving deep into effortless group programme and coming out to experience the freshness of nature at our beautiful WPA location on the shores of the shimmering lake Amara. Below we will share two special testimonials of former course participants.

If time doesn't allow you to come in person, please inspire and support one or more Yogic Flyers to do so. #Go4Me

For more information about the WPA please click HERE
or on the beautiful lake Amara image below!
Lake Amara in Romania - the location of the new hotel where the WPA will continue
“I am so grateful for my 6 weeks spent on the 3-in-1 World Peace Assembly. Coming from Australia seemed like a long journey, but as soon as I arrived at our hotel in Romania I felt effortlessly at home. There was a simplicity and naturalness in the group, a lightness, sweetness and tangible coherence, so much infinite correlation. My decision to go to Romania to help create coherence attracted enormous Nature’s support - if you feel the impulse to go too, don’t hesitate!" — Claire, Australia
Claire (right) together with Basma (National Director of Palestine, left)

"I came to the course with great sadness and fear in my soul. The first 2 weeks of the course were very difficult for me. I cried in meditation...I could not sleep at night because of back and arm pain. My condition began to improve in the third week. Every day I felt great support from participants and leaders. I had plenty of time for inner peace. In the fourth week, all thoughts came to fruition, new ideas and new opportunities came to mind. Life was filled with colors and gladness again. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible TM family!" — Iryna, Ukraine
Iryna (far left back) with the group of course participants from Ukraine
TO HELP SUPPORT PEACE IN THIS REGION. If this delicate situation in these regions touches you, and you would like do something to help make a difference – peace, safety, healing, coherence – please click on the donate button below. Any support will be treasured and beneficial in all directions! We always get more than we give.
And in comments enter code RU-UA-108

Please note that we do not take sides or carry any political prejudices. As advised by Maharishi we always want the best outcome for least suffering and an increase of coherence to avert unnecessary friction, fear, and loss on all sides. Maharishi Yagya helps to bridge what is unfathomable for human comprehension.

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