It's time to say goodbye...
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I'm saying goodbye
to the old me... 

If you've been reading my latest blog posts, you know that I've always been on a health and wellness path.  In the last couple of years, I've increased the intensity of my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing journey. A big part of this work involves letting go. 

This past 12 months has been mind-blowing, in terms of how much I've released, in order to follow the laws of attraction and receive more abundance in my life.

I Let Go

I've let go of inauthentic friendships, non-serving business relationships, old habits I've outgrown.  Although I have done regular social purges every year since my late 20s, in the past 12 months, I've intentionally cleared all remnants of ratchetness from my social circles, both in person and on social media, including celebrity gossip sites and low vibration people.

I've purposefully distanced myself from people with limiting mindsets, and did my personal work to limit any negative thought patterns that kept me stuck on some fundamental levels of my life.

And one thing I've learned more than anything, is the importance of honoring the very real Body + Mind + Spirit connection in terms of releasing what no longer serves us, so that it does not affect our health negatively.

We must OWN our health and happiness.

You've probably heard terms like meditation, prayer, being present, reiki, yoga, visualization, etc.  And maybe you've dabbled in some of these aspects of mental, emotional, and physical wellness.  

What I've learned is that I can't expect one yoga class or a few days of meditation to undo 42 years of packing in stress, emotional pain, trauma, or other painful memories into your body, and expect it to just go away.

We must own our health and happiness, and truly give it the focus and energy it deserves to see real progress. I just celebrated my 42nd birthday on September 25, and I took that whole month to do a deep life detox - not just physically, but on a DNA (21-day detox), Energy (reiki healing to clear my chakras), and Soul (meditation) level.

September's life detox was intensely nourishing, and I feel like I'm fortified, and grounded, yet elevated in a very profound way. It feels so good to experience such a deep release of energetic pulls I've carried, on a spiritual level, for decades.

Healing is a Journey - Not a Destination

I have learned that the impact of heavy, low vibration energy over the years becomes absorbed into my body over the years, and it may take a few months, even years, of consistent positive habits to undo the damage that my body has endured all these years. Instead of looking at holistic healing as a quick fix, I look at it as peeling back layers of an onion, one layer at a time. And so should you.

This is how real healing works.  This is not like fast food. Sometimes healing can happen instantly, but be open to looking at healing as a journey, not a destination. Yes, looking at healing from this different perspective can allow you to slow down, really show up in your life, and approach each day with wonder, curiosity, and gratitude. 

In our information, fast-food age of society, people want instant results. Many people "try" energy healing or Eastern Medicine healing modalities, but then give up, or eventually doubt they even work. If you feel you tried but it didn't work, I encourage you to give holistic and energy healing a try, but find a holistic professional for proper guidance and support.

And consider that a layered, or combined approach of several different healing methods may be more effective than one. So if you're doing yoga alone, but not really taking meditation and breath seriously, maybe start REALLY practicing on a daily basis. Get support, use phone apps or a journal to hold you to it.

I have combined several holistic healing modalities over the years for my own personal and deep healing, and after hearing my doctor tell me during a post-surgery visit (for exploratory uterus and stomach surgery) that I'm "stone-cold healthy", and then for my Tibetan Reiki Master to tell me during my reiki certification training that I've cleared ALL my chakras from my past, I shed tears of joy and felt like celebrating! 

Why Is This So Important to YOU?

You may be wondering why I focus so much on life transformational healing. I want to share something very personal with you: from the time I was a little girl on up to my early 20s, I was a repeat victim of abuse in all forms: physical, sexual, emotional, mental. I hit a low point in my life at that time, and abandoned everything I ever believed, even spiritually, as I made a decision to leave the church in which I grew up, to pursue my own spiritual path.. It took some time for me to go from being a victim to being a survivor, then after finally beating depression and working on my self-esteem and self-worth, I went from survivor to THRIVER.

It was just a few years later that I was naturally attracted to becoming a life coach - I noticed women were coming to me for advice - women who were twice my age. I was so honored, and in that post-9/11 time, like many people, I was soul-searching for my purpose in life. So in 2003, I became a FranklinCovey Personal Life Coach in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Even though I became a life coach and I enjoyed helping people, I still had much pain from the trauma I had experienced in my youth - I couldn't just coach it away, meditate it away, and think it would go away overnight. No, this type of healing took YEARS.  I'm still healing. I never let the fact that I was on my own healing journey stop me from helping others, but I still had to do my work behind the scenes. 

I'm so happy that I can say that I've fully forgiven those who inflicted pain on me in the past. I have moved on mentally and emotionally as a THRIVER, and I have taken my power BACK. This is the theme and main focus of my work and service as a Transformational Holistic Health and Life Coach, and as a Intuitive Subtle Energy Reiki Healer - to empower women like you, so you can thrive in life, and have the right tools to live a life you love, the life you deserve. I teach and coach women like you, so you can shine and be the absolute BEST version of you.

I hope you'll connect with me online!

You will see some changes on my website, including modifications to my services and prices (adjusted for my experience and credentials), as well as coming changes in my website overall.
So let the celebration begin! I don't ask anything of my clients that I wouldn't expect from myself - so you will see that I'm committed to a lifetime of personal development and growth, so I can not only continue to transform and revitalize my life, but help YOU do the same.
ps. I have given more details about my reiki certification or the TCM program on my blog.


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Big Love,

Venus Aviv


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