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August 1, 2021

Stand with me and the CA/HI NAACP Executive Committee in voting “NO on the Recall”, we will no longer stand silent and allow for the recall to occur in California. This recall effort is voter suppression at its worst. This effort led by a few white supremacists, Q-Anon and anti-government paramilitary groups is attempting to expunge the vote of millions of citizens who showed up at the polls.

The California Hawaii NAACP State Conference plans to move African Americans and other people of color to understand the false narratives being shouted about the Governor are actually only an attempt to stop racial equity and racial equality. 

As advocates of social, racial, and economic justice we must stand united against the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. The recall effort poses a serious threat to the progress we have made on numerous policies that protect and support our California Black communities. 

This is not surprising given the numerous polling sources that indicate Black voter turnout will be instrumental in defeating the recall and is why it is imperative that we defend our collective right to raise our voices in the name of democracy, reach out to our community, insist that they are active in their right to vote - while we provide our 57 branches with the tools needed to educate their community on the many important issues and reasons to vote “No, On the Recall”.

Let's fight the recall together.

Rick L. Callender, Esq.

Congratulations to the 2021 CA/HI NAACP State Conference National
ACTSO Branch Winners!

The National NAACP ACT-SO Virtual Competition was held, July 7 to July 11, 2021. 
The two winning branches were Altadena and Beverly Hills/Hollywood. Altadena won 3 medals, a Gold in Sculpture and Silver in Music Composition and Filmmaking. The Beverly Hills/Hollywood Branch won 3 medals, a Gold in Instrumental Classical, a Silver in Vocal Contemporary and a Bronze in Filmmaking. The Chair of Beverly Hills Hollywood is Joyce Clark, and the President is Ron Hasson. Altadena’s Chair and President is Wilberta Richardson. We congratulate them!

Please applaud Pasadena, Riverside, Sacramento, and North San Diego. The Pasadena Branch Chair is Marilyn Mays, and the President is Allen Edson. The Riverside Branch Chair is Sharron Lewis, and the President is Dr. Regina Patton Stell. The Sacramento Branch Chair is Tijuana Barnes, and the President is Betty Williams. The North San
Diego Branch Chair is Rachel Carmichael, and the President is Satia Austin. They are also winners because they stay in the program and devote many hours to our youth. They
have been amazing during this difficult time.

CA/HI NAACP Family, your efforts and continuous support make our ACTSO Program work and grow stronger. As the California/Hawaii State Conference ACTSO Chair, I commend all for their efforts. We will continue under the leadership of our State Conference President Rick Calendar and direction and guidance from National.

ACTSO is an excellent program that develops talented youth and drum-majors for peace and justice. Should you have any questions or need additional information, do not hesitate
to email me at You many also contact the National ACTSO Director, Larry Brown,
Naomi G. Rainey-Pierson Erdmann
CA/HI NAACP State Conf. ACTSO Program Chair


Santa Cruz
CNN & Newsweek highlighted President Brenda Griffin who was invited to join a coalition of leaders of color in the community, Rise Together, an intercultural coalition to advance racial equity in Santa Cruz County and to build awareness, trust, and investment in the work led by, for and in support of People of Color in Santa Cruz County. President Griffin was featured in a local newspaper’s cover story on the coalition. • The Branch tabled at a community event launching the Rise Together coalition and collected signatures on the NAACP petition in support of HR.4, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. • Sent 4 delegates to the virtual National Convention.
Lake Elsinore
A member of our branch, Dr. Quinlan Strong coordinated with local organizations to put on the first Juneteenth Unity in the Community Celebration at Diamond Stadium on June 18. In support of our branch and Stand Up For Justice, I submitted articles to The Patch online news source (as well as entered the information in their community calendar) and The Press-Enterprise. Another advocate for the event submitted to Valley News. The event was well-produced, well-attended and well-received and will become a yearly celebration.
San Bernardino
Hosted a Welcome event for new San Bernardino Superintendent.  Having on-going COVID-19 awareness drives.
Provided information to members on FEMA COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Participated on July 20th@5pm in Poor People’s Campaign; held a COVID-19 Awareness Webinar and on July 31st@10am held a Downtown Pomona voter registration drive. 
North San Diego
Received a small grant to give 25 young adults (4 ) Entrepreneur start up classes and kit. Working with Wells Fargo for Financial Lit workshops and having them to set up a savings account giving them their first $20. Working with local Mayor and partners to facilitate a business fair.
The NAACP in Merced is truly playing a part in getting people vaccinated and I am proud of my team and our results.  We went door to door signing our people up for these different vaccine clinics we are hosting. 
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