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What's New this JUNE @ Target Specialty Products
It is almost officially summer! We hope your season is off to a good start. There are many important things going on this month of June including Bed Bug Awareness Week which is perfectly timed to kick-off the busy summer travel season. Bed Bug Awareness Week is happening right now from June 4-10, 2017 and because of this we have made bed bugs the primary topic of our June Advantage eNewsletter. Read on to learn more about how you can use Bed Bug Awareness to educate your clients and grow your bed bug business.

Research Illustrates a Cost-Effective Bed Bug Monitoring Option for Multi-Unit Facilities

Lawrenceville, NJ – Bed bugs continue to cause multi-family housing authorities headaches when it comes to early detection and treatment, however, recent research has created a viable model for building-wide monitoring within the restraints of budgetary concerns. 

Product Spotlight

SenSci Volcano 

The next innovation in bed bug detection
  • Discreet design that fits into any room or setting
  • Clear bottom allows for quick and easy inspection
  • Maintenance free, designed to prevent dust formation
  • Serves as a cornerstone of a recurring revenue business model 
When SenSci Volcano is used together with SenSci Activ, a lure developed by Rutgers University, the combination creates a highly-effective and easy-to-use bed bug monitor that effortlessly blends into the environment. 

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SAfety moment
b2e0c08c-aa41-4c10-8cec-881ad2f4b6f2.png Summer Safety Tips

By Neal Lyon, Director of Compliance and Safety

With summer weather and the busy season upon us it is a great time to remind your employees of important summer safety tips while on the job and off. Read on for important safety reminders for your pest and lawn technicians….

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Spotlight Employee
Daughter of Target Specialty Products Associate Doug Bennett Awarded Scholarship
Working hard throughout your college years pays off in more ways than one. Erin Bennett, the daughter of Doug Bennett, Regional Sales Representative for Target Specialty Products, found this to be true when she was informed that she would be one of the recipients of the company’s scholarship program. 

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Ask the Expert - Question and Answer
Q: Chinch bug vs False Chinch bug is there any difference in the control?
A:  Both True Chinch bugs and False Chinch bugs are in the order Hempitera. They are both considered “seed” bugs. False Chinch bugs are the more common nuisance pest in the USA of the two. The main culprit for explosions of False Chinch bugs is a wet spring and lots of weeds especially from the mustard family. As mustard plants dry out and die, the false chinch bug will migrate to seek shelter and structures are a perfect place to hide.

Q: How do I manage scorpions indoors?
A: Scorpions generally enter structures through openings around the structure. Examples of these openings can be plumbing fixtures, gaps in doors and windows and cracks in walls and the foundation. Exclusion should be the first priority. Sealing off entry points is a huge part of managing scorpions indoors. Another factor in scorpion management is managing the food supply, the insects....

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