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I just tallied it up: over the past two months of my reading life I devoted 8,979 pages to Outlander. The whole eight-book series.  

You all have been recommending them—albeit with plenty of caveats—for years. But it was a friend who finally got me going on them. (More about that here.) 

I burned through the whole series in a couple of months. 

8,979 pages later, I feel like I know so much more:

  • I finally get why so many of you love these books. And why some of you don't. 
  • I have a much better understanding of how to keep a great series from ruining my life, thanks to all the hands-on experience I've had lately. 
  • I get why so many of you picked Jamie and Claire as your favorite fictional couple
  • I understand why the words "highlander" and "Scot" appear with alarming frequency in Amazon's Kindle romance listings. 
  • I'm a whiz at toggling back and forth between the book and audio versions of 1400 page novels.  

Because you asked: it's hard to choose a favorite book, but if pressed, I'm going with Voyager. My least favorite was Drums of Autumn. (Such a good story, but the writing sagged a bit for me in that one.)

There are two ways to read a great series, and there's no doubt about which camp I fall into. I loved getting lost in the world of Outlander for two months. 

But it has its downfalls: 8,979 pages later, I feel behind on all my other reading. I returned countless library books—reserve items I've been waiting for!—unread. and I have a ton of podcasts to catch up on.

And worst of all, now I'm stuck with all you other Outlander fans, waiting years for the next (and final?) book to come out. 

(If you're thinking about giving Outlander a try, Book 1 is $2.99 for Kindle right now. And I highly recommend the audio series read by Davina Porter. If you've never tried Audible, get a free trial here.)

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Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thankgiving week, 

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