Success takes time. Rovio created 51 games before they became an overnight success with the launch of Angry Birds. 
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Edition #17

Recap: Bosslist aggregates the best reads from creative entrepreneurs on their success and mistakes. It began as way for me to learn from entrepreneurs. If you have a product that you want to showcase, or just want to say ‘hi’, just hit “reply”. is the new course in town. This course is put together by Sam Altman, President at YCombinator. First lecture talks about how to come up with ideas and evaluate them. I learn so much from a 45mins lesson. If you have the time I would totally recommend you to watch Lecture 1.

This week's curation is about struggle and motivation that business owners have to face and what it’s really like being an entrepreneur.

Struggle & Motivation

  • How To Defeat Burnout: Sooner or later, we all want to give up. We lose to the enemy “Burnout”. So how do you defeat burnout? This article shares some strategy that freelancers can be using to avoid losing.

Tools For Online Business Builders

  • 60 Free Flat Round Icons: Planning for the next site or app that you are building. Here are 60 free icons that you can use for free.
  • Agile Designers: This site curates the almost all of the resources for designers out there on the web. Kinda of like a one-stop-shop to find free stuff.
  • Where My Nomads At: Digital nomad? This app helps you to find fellow digital nomad around the world.

Worth Reading

  • Ghost Tower of Bangkok: They called it the Ghost Tower of Bangkok, a unfinished 49-story skyscraper that was abandoned after the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. I love a visit up to the roof top.
  • The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy: Do you know that the lightbulbs we are using used to be engineered to a shorter life cycle so that we can keep on buying them.


p/s: Why I love doing podcast? Because it allows me to say what I wanna to say

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