The MDG Times - Issue 7 - Fall/Winter 2013


Spring has sprung and we are busy bees here at Meade Design Group studio!

We've got big new projects on the go that we can't wait to share with you - in both interiors and graphics. They're all in the works right now, but by next newsletter we should have some gorgeous imagery to include! We have a few recently completed projects we will be including on our website soon, but for now, we have a different kind of big reveal we want to promote - we've been working very hard for a few years now and are ready to launch a very special project with you which you can learn more about below.

As always, we look forward to your feedback - so feel free to get social with our newsletter!


OK - Here is the BIG deal this issue...

April is Testicular Cancer awareness month, and as many of our readers know, Ivan was diagnosed with stage III-B testicular cancer in the summer of 2011 at the age of 37. 

Although there were many sources of information on Cancer available, Ivan struggled to find information on his particular condition. Furthermore, he was shocked to hear that none of his peers were educated about regular checkup procedures to prevent this from happening to them. He adds: "Had I known more about preventive measures and the early signs of detection, I would have acted on my symptoms sooner and could have avoided the spread of the disease within my own body.

My prognosis is much better now, and although I am still fighting, I am confident that the great team at the BC Cancer agency are keeping me healthy and looking out for my best interests." 

In an effort to put a positive spin on his experience, and use the resources at our disposal (the graphic and web design side of Meade Design Group) the campaign was created to urge men to give themselves regular checkups, and spread the word about this disease. We are pleased to be partnering with Testicular Cancer Canada in the hope that this campaign proves to be informative and encouraging for anyone who finds themselves up against testicular cancer.

So far, our campaign is focusing on outreach, via information cards and posters (which can be found at local storefronts listed on the website – contact us if you are interested in any of these items to help spread the word!) and our website:

The website does include a donation link, where you can make your own donation to Testicular Cancer Canada. Since Testicular Cancer Canada is based out East, we have partnered with them for our campaign to spread all of their good works to the West Coast. Our goal is to increase awareness and raise enough money to purchase an ad campaign for Testicular Cancer Canada with BC Transit.

Let's make this happen, readers!

Thank you so much for all of your efforts and support so far, monetary donations are wonderful, but if it is not something you can do right now, please contact us about our awareness materials – after all, spreading the word is our goal, if you've got a window, you can help!

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SONG: "Happy" by Pharrell - In honour of our resident hipster (Jordan)

DESIGN FIND: This gorgeous marble bathtub and vanity we want to use in one of our projects:

PASSTIME: Did you know that both Ivan and Jan are secretly bronies? We won't completely out them here on what that means... but it's not hard to find out if you want to know a surprising fact...

SWEET INDULGENCE: Good old timbits have found their way into the studio frequently as of late - and we're not complaining!
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