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Until Every Hurting Young Person Has Been Given a Chance...

It is easy to feel discouraged after the events of this recent month, however scripture is clear that as God’s precious people we are to understand the signs of the times.  We are definitely experiencing the effects of end time prophecies and God’s is determined to get our attention.   His mission is to change our hearts and our mission is to reach the lost. 
Our government and the world’s upside down values are influencing teenagers everywhere.  It is more important now than ever before to fight the good fight and win a generation of lost youth.  The scripture also declares that “He who wins souls is wise”.  Here at Teen Challenge we want to be wise with our time, relationships, resources and choices. 
We hope you will continue to join with us as we declare the message of hope to a world of hurting adolescents and show them the way to Christ. 

Below you will find Makayla’s testimony and how God rescued her. 

Be encouraged and blessed as you endure for Christ.

"My life was out of control but

God rescued me!"

I was very young when my parents divorced.  I have a very loving mother but my father was an addict and our life seemed like a nightmare. He would often come home in the middle of the night drunk and it was terrifying for me.  If he wasn’t in jail most of my memories of my father were of him lying in a hospital bed.
My mother did eventually remarry but it was difficult to accept her husband as a stepfather because of everything I had already been through with my dad.  Things were so difficult at home that my siblings and I did spend some time in foster care.  Being separated from each other was very hard and it really left me feeling rejected. 
We did eventually return home but by then my anger was really out of control and I was very bitter.  My choices got so bad that when I was thirteen my mother became afraid for my health and safety. I was so empty and I tried using drugs and boys to fill that void.  I never felt satisfied and nothing fixed the deep pain I was experiencing.   These choices only worsened the situation leaving me even more broken and that’s when Teen Challenge found me! 
Appalachian Teen Challenge, the adult Training Center in West Virginia, visited my church for a choir service and at the end of the service the Director, Jim Nickels, prayed for me.  I felt God tugging at my heart during that prayer.  He recommended Teen Challenge for me and a few months later I found myself here. 
It was hard to adjust at first but God began to show me that he was my father and that I do have a purpose.  He is beginning to heal my broken family relationships and He loves me.  I am so thankful God keeps His promises.  I am so thankful for everyone who made the impossible, possible for me.

Ongoing Needs:

Kitchen Items:
· All types of can and boxed goods, flour,    condiments, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Household Items:
· All types of cleaning and laundry supplies, dish detergents etc.

Toiletry Items:
· Toilet paper, Dove or Ivory bar soap, face wash, shampoo and  conditioner, deodorant, tissues, feminine     products and hand soap

Art Supplies:
· Craft paint, markers, colored pencils, paint brushes, old magazines etc.

Contact us at:

PO Box 19385
Roanoke VA 24019