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                  E-Newsletter December 2013

Welcome to the Gordon Neighbourhood House E-Newsletter!

Gordon Neighbourhood House has served as a community hub in Vancouver’s West End since 1942. We have a history of working alongside our friends and neighbours to facilitate connection, engagement and seizing opportunities for community development. The Newsletter is a mechanism we have created for you to stay updated on news, events and activities connected to Gordon Neighbourhood House. We thank you for your continued interest and support of our work in the community.

New Bus

Together we did it! We were able to get our well used 1994 Gordon Neighbourhood House School Bus off of the road and are happy to introduce you to our brand new bus. It is a great example of how our community can come together to make things happen. All of your donations have culminated in a new bus that we hope to use for many years to come. 

Now we just need a name for the bus. If you have any ideas for a name for our new bus please email us at:

Consuming Conversations

Gordon Neighborhood House is excited to introduce a brand new program to its repertoire. Consuming Conversations will be a weekly cooking class and open discussion for young adults who want to engage in conversation around their right to food. This group welcomes aspiring foodies or those who are tired of Kraft Dinner and want to learn how to cook healthy meals. Following the meals the group will be encouraged to participate in an open discussion about personal barriers to food access, and food insecurity. 

Please register by January 14th by contacting

The start date will be January 2014 and we will be in touch with details as we get closer to the launch.

News from the West End Neighbourhood Food Network: 

Food Scraps Composting - Making a Difference

The Food Scraps Drop Spot program is alive and well. Thanks to the two hosts (Gordon Neighbourhood House on Tues 6:30 to 7 pm and Sat 10 am til noon, and West End Community Centre Sat 10 am til noon) volunteers are collecting over three tons a month of food scraps from hundreds of people in the West End. This works out to the equivalent of nearly seven tons of CO2 emissions kept out of the atmosphere. Bring in your kitchen scraps to recycle precious resources into compost, and fight climate change. Spread the word! Bring a buddy!

For more information -


Drop Spot at Gordon Neighbourhood House is CLOSED…
Tuesday, Christmas Eve
Saturday, December 28
Tuesday, New Year’s Eve
Saturday, January 4
We return Jan 7 (Tues) and Jan 11 (Sat)
Note: Drop Spot at West End Community Centre (Saturdays 10 am to 12 noon) continues through the holidays.

Update from the Seniors Community Planning Table – West End

The final 2013 monthly Seniors Community Planning Table-West End meeting was held at Gordon Neighbourhood House on December 6. With over 35 attendees representing a range of seniors’ advocacy groups and local residents, the meeting included an open discussion about 2014 priorities.

Lorraine Copas, Executive Director at BC’s Social Planning and Research Council (SPARC), also spoke about SPARC’s new initiative, Digital Stories. This project’s aim is to gather seniors’ voices on pressing housing concerns. According to Lorraine, “Policy makers need to hear these stories.” Statistics are indicating many concerns about seniors housing insecurity. 

The next Planning Table meeting is scheduled for: Friday, January 31, 2014 from 10:00-12:00.

For more information contact:

Sharon Isaak, Planning Table Coordinator

Ana Maria Bustamente, Community Developer


Cookin' with Andy:

Tortilla Recipe

This has been a favourite of mine lately. This recipe is a bit of a framework, and while I really like the simplicity of it, there is almost no limit to the things you might want to add. Serves 6 as a main course.


6 potatoes

1 onion

50 ml fat (butter, olive, canola, peanut, bacon fat, whatever you’ve got works)

6 eggs

Salt and pepper

Scrub the potatoes, and cut them in half lengthwise. Slice them about half a centimetre thick while heating a large non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Add the oil, then the potatoes. Peel and slice the onion, add it, and season with salt and pepper. Cook the mixture, stirring to prevent burnination, until the potatoes are fully cooked. Taste one, and adjust the seasoning. Beat the eggs, and pour them over the potato mixture. Reduce the heat a little, and shake the pan for a moment so there’s no potato stuck to the bottom. Cover, and wait patiently until the egg is cooked. Take a plate, and invert it over the tortilla, then flip the plate and the pan over. The tortilla should flop onto the plate. A salad would be nice on the side. 

Things you might like to add at the same time as the potatoes:
Bacon, mushrooms, kale, chorizo, garlic, or anything else you can think of that likes to be cooked for a long time.

Things you might like to add with the eggs:
Diced tomatoes, cheese, smoked salmon, green onions, fresh herbs, or anything else that likes to be cooked for only a little while.

Register for the event through Eventbrite here.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Gordon Neighbourhood House Team! 

REMINDER - Gordon Neighbourhood House will be closed from December 22, 2013 to January 5, 2014 (reopening January 6, 2014).

Gordon Neighbourhood House acknowledges and honours the fact that our community lies on unceded Indigenous land belonging to the Coast Salish peoples.
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