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Daily Digest - Friday,  13 January 2017

Seeing vape pen use boosts desire to smoke among young adults

Although they look less like cigarettes than first-generation e-cigarettes, a new study found that the newer generation e-cigarette vape pens (also known as vaporizers) stimulate the urge to smoke as powerfully as watching someone smoke a “combustible” tobacco cigarette. “The new e-cigarettes, known as vape pens, are now larger and more powerful devices,” said study director Andrea King [...]


Instagram documents rising hookah use

Social media is giving researchers insight into the rising use of hookah, according to a study from USC. Hookah, smoked through a water pipe and also known as shisha, has harmful health effects similar to cigarettes. But as cigarette use declined between 2005 and 2015 in the U.S, hookah use increased. New data from social media documents thousands of people using hookah in social settings [...]


Putin's war on tobacco would be a gift to terrorists

The Putin administration has found a new enemy to add to its list of globalists, human rights advocates, the European Union and the Islamic State: tobacco. More than 30 percent of Russian adults smoke, which is apparently so objectionable to a government reviled for human rights abuses and attacks on press freedom that total tobacco prohibition may now be on the cards.


Health effects of marijuana and cannabis-derived products presented in new report

A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine offers a rigorous review [...] about what is known about the health impacts of cannabis and cannabis-derived products - such as marijuana and active chemical compounds known as cannabinoids - ranging from their therapeutic effects to their risks for causing certain cancers, diseases, mental health disorders, and injuries.


Poorer countries fail to act on smoking due to big tobacco threats [...]

Many low- and middle-income countries are too scared by the threats and misinformation of big tobacco to raise the price of cigarettes, even though it would hugely benefit both health and the economy, according to a major new report. The most effective measure to help people stop smoking is to impose high taxes on cigarettes, says the report by the World Health Organisation and the US National Cancer Institute.


Traditional cigarette sales remain on decline in December

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.’s gain in Newport sales and increased pricing were not enough to help the company defy an overall industry sales decline during December. Reynolds experienced a 2.4 percent drop-off during a four-week period that ended Dec. 31, slightly above the industry’s 1.9 percent decrease, according to Nielsen data released this week.


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