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Daily Digest - Friday, 3 March 2017

Prisoners are 'cooking nicotine tea' after they were banned from smoking at Cardiff Prison

Prisoners are increasingly cooking up their own “nicotine tea” and turning to legal highs such as Spice after a smoking ban was implemented at Cardiff Prison last year. The availability of “legal highs” such as synthetic cannabis Spice is of particular concern, according to the prison’s Independent Monitoring Board (IMB).


Here’s What A Survey Of 14 Vape Shops Says About E-Cigarettes

Nearly half of the people who use e-cigarettes do so to quit tobacco smoking, a new study suggests. According to researchers at San Diego State University, social media may hold the clue as to why people are vaping in the first place. Aside from quitting tobacco, researchers found that other motives for vaping included taste and their “cool factor” as some would describe it.


OPINION: Ottawa could muzzle access to scientific data on vaping

There are always legitimate concerns when a government appears to be impeding the public’s ability to access and share scientific information about matters of public interest. Now, the new federal government seeks to limit public access to scientific data in its proposed anti-vaping legislation, Bill S-5, which was introduced in November 2016.


Will new packaging rules help Brits finally stub out smoking for good?

WE’RE about to see the latest attempt to stamp out smoking altogether in this country — more than 3,000 years after humans first enjoyed tobacco. Evidence from Mexico and elsewhere in that part of the world shows that as far back as 1400BC, people used tobacco. Since that time, it has come in many shapes and sizes and been used in different ways, but smoking tobacco has long enjoyed a glamorous image.


Popularity of Vapes Draws Attention of Big Tobacco

Electronic cigarettes have boomed into a $5-billion-a-year business expected to expand by nearly 25 percent in 2018. Not surprisingly, Big Tobacco is clamoring to corner the market. Reynolds American, of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company fame, opened a subsidiary called R.J. Reynolds Vapor, proudly purveying the VUSE vape. Phillip Morris International, now an Altria company, sells the MarkTen vape. [...]


Make cannabis safer to smoke, researchers say

With a growing number of countries liberalizing the use of cannabis, new ways to make the drug safer for users are urgently needed, experts warn. A report, ‘Can cannabis be made safer?’ published in the Lancet Psychiatry Journal, claims that the amount of people in the UK seeking specialist treatment for cannabis side effects has increased by 50 percent in the last eight years.


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