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Daily Digest - Friday, 13 May 2016


One week from the implementation of the TPD on 20 May, some UK parliamentarians express serious concerns about its impact on the nation’s health. This is a transcript (Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016) of a short debate in the House of Lords, raised by Viscount Ridley.

The FDA's Deadly Censorship Of Lifesaving E-Cigarette Information

The e-cigarette regulations that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unveiled last week pose a grave threat to products that have the potential to dramatically reduce smoking-related disease and death. [...] manufacturers of vaping equipment and e-liquids must persuade the FDA that allowing their products to remain on the market is “appropriate for the protection of public health” [...]


Snuffed out

The vapour industry is small—less than 0.1% of the tobacco market—but expanding fast. Global sales grew 11 times over in the five years to 2014, according to Euromonitor, a data firm. In America sales soared even more rapidly. To some, that raises an exciting prospect. E-cigarettes might help smokers inhale nicotine without the deadly stuff that comes from burning tobacco.


Skyrocketing teen use of e-cigarettes leads to new regulations

The Food and Drug Administration will begin regulating e-cigarettes and cigars the same way it regulates cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.



If the only thing you know about vaping is that it somehow has the transcendental ability to make even Leonardo DiCaprio look like a substitute teacher in a tux, you might be tempted to view all this as a delightful little morality tale: vapers are a bunch of losers, clowns, and loose cannons, and they're getting what they deserve. But that's far too tidy. [...]


E-cigarette study weighs smokers' habits

Are e-cigarettes going to be a massive blow to the tobacco industry, or do they actually keep people smoking? A new study funded by the New Zealand Health Research Council that uses high-tech electronic cigarettes hopes to answer those questions. Researchers will use real-time data from bluetooth-equipped e-cigarettes to get information about users smoking habits over two months.


FDA unveils new regulations on e-cigarettes

New rules will ban e-cigarette sales to minors and require health warnings.


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