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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Mon, 7 December 2015

New clues to nicotine addiction

Although smoking rates are declining, a consistent portion of the population continues to smoke, making continued research into tobacco addiction important. One reason people find it hard to quit smoking is that each time they have a cigarette, feelings of craving, irritability and anxiety melt away. This is known as negative reward and is partly controlled by a region of the brain called the habenula.


If we ban vaping, we should do the same for smoking

SINCE the dawn of time, man has had this obsession with smoking. In the late 1970s, Herbert Gilbert invented the first smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. His idea was to replace burning paper and tobacco with flavoured steam, or vapour, that contained nicotine. It wasn’t until 2003 that this product hit the market, thanks to Hon Lik from China who marketed the product.


Smoke signals

KRYPTONITE, Paddle Pop and Breakfast Crunch are just a few of the flavoured “vape juices” sold to connoisseurs in Johor Bahru, Malaysia’s third city. The frontier town, facing Singapore, is something of a hub for fans of electronic smoking—whose toys these days include pricey pipes fuelled with liquids producing vapours in countless tastes. [...] On November 29th the local sultan said he wanted the trade shut down.


Vapers protest provincial regulations on e-cigarettes

Vaping is not smoking!” hundreds of demonstrators shouted, as puffs of quickly dissipating vapour wafted overhead at Queen’s Park Saturday. Schedule 3 of Bill-45, [...] puts the same restrictions on the use and sale of e-cigarettes as tobacco products. Vapers and vape shop owners believe the new bill amounts to a crackdown on an industry that’s helping many smokers safely kick their habit.


First e-cigarettes to be prescribed on the NHS in the New Year [...]

E-cigarettes will be prescribed on the NHS for the first time in the New Year but ministers are said to have tried to keep the move quiet over fears that GPs would be overrun by people demanding them. Doctors will soon be able to hand out the device to smokers who want to quit, a move that will reportedly cost the NHS in the region of £20 per kit and £10 a week for each patient's cartridges.


Drugs for quitting smoking may curb betel nut habit, researchers say

American researchers have found that medications which help people quit smoking may also help betel nut addicts kick the habit. Betel nut, or buai, is the fourth most used drug in the world after caffeine, alcohol and tobacco, with an estimated 600 million users. The great gobs of blood red spittle that the practice generates can be seen [...] in most towns in Papua New Guinea.


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