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Daily Digest - Wednesday, 19 October 2016

New research seeks to discover how vaping can help smokers quit

The rapid emergence of vaping (e-cigarette use) has led a University of Queensland researcher to seek Australian participants for a large-scale international study. [...] Dr Coral Gartner, said there is a need for quality research on vaping as a harm reduction strategy, as well as how policy impacts vaping and smoking behaviour – particularly smoking cessation.


The Government’s War On Vaping

When it comes to the American marketplace, where there is innovation, regulation will soon follow. This is the reality currently being faced by the vaping industry, which is about to see major changes thanks to new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. The Royal College of Physicians: If smokers switched to e-cigarettes, it would “prevent almost all of the harm from smoking.”


A 400 Percent Tobacco Tax Hike Could Hit North Dakota

The tax on tobacco products could spike 400 percent in North Dakota if a ballot measure aiming to increase regulations on tobacco and electronic cigarettes passes in November. The proposal, known as Measure 4, would increase the current tobacco tax from 44 cents to $2.20 and add a new tax on electronic cigarettes sold in the state. Other tobacco products would experience a roughly 50 percent tax increase on sales.


Eye doctors warn of e-cigarette liquid hazard

Storing e-cigarette liquid next to eye drops caused one woman to mix them up, leading to slight eye damage that could have been much worse, Scottish doctors report. Since the bottles looked similar at a glance, and the nicotine-laced liquid carried no warnings about the harm of contact with the eyes, the authors of a case report in JAMA Ophthalmology say e-cigarette users should be aware of this risk.


Should Vaping Be Allowed In The Workplace

We’re turning into a health-conscious nation, which means that many people are choosing to give up smoking. We’re more aware than ever of the health risks we take whenever we light up a cigarette, which is why more and more people are doing what they can to kick the habit. The E-Cig Review site have said; there have always been different methods available to people who want to quit smoking, [...]


Cigarette sales no longer key profit source for UK corner shops

Cigarettes are no longer a core product for Britain’s corner shops and small retailers, according to research from the antismoking group ASH. ASH analysed the electronic point-of-sale data from 1,500 convenience stores [...] The antismoking group said its research contradicted the tobacco industry’s longstanding argument that small retailers heavily depend on cigarette sales.


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