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Daily Digest - Monday, 9 May 2016

Can E-Cigarettes Survive The War Against Vaping?

Many smokers try e-cigs once and abandon them, disappointed that vapor doesn’t taste or feel the same as real smoke in their mouths and throats and gives a slower nicotine hit. “There is a lot of trial and a lot of rejection,” says tobacco analyst Vivien Azer, of Cowen and Company, in New York. “I’m not convinced the e-cigarette market will grow at all.”


Experts Savage FDA’s Most Recent Claim [...]

The Food and Drug Administration’s claim that it’s almost 500-page rule book, which could wipe out 99 percent of e-cigarette products, will increase innovation in the sector is being mocked by experts as “ridiculous.” The centerpiece of the FDA regulations is the requirement for all vapor products released [...] go through the notoriously onerous and expensive Pre-Market Tobacco Application process (PMTA).


Clinicians need to screen ‘nicotine naïve’ teenagers for vaping, [...]

During a checkup, physicians and nurses often ask about drinking habits, safe sex practice or cigarette use. Vaping is rarely mentioned. This discussion is urgently needed with teen patients, who are either uninformed or misinformed about the dangers and risks associated with electronic cigarettes, says Nancy Campbell-Heider, PhD, a University at Buffalo addictions and high-risk adolescent behavior expert.



This has been a roller-coaster week in the world of vaping and e-cigarettes. I care about this because vaping is a classic form of self-care: vapers are smokers who make a conscious decision to switch some or all of their smoking to a considerably cleaner, safer and cheaper form of nicotine. Some do it to save money, but most do it to improve their health (and also the health of their family).


New FDA e-cigarette rules leave local fans, foes sharply divided

Local vapers criticized the federal Food and Drug Administration’s new rules aimed at overhauling the largely unregulated e-cigarette industry. But area health advocates and politicians said they welcomed the oversight. Zach McLain, who runs Future Vapor in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, criticized the Food and Drug Administration’s decision, [...]


Chuck Schumer wants to get rid of your e-cigarettes

Sen. Charles Schumer called electronic cigarettes “ticking time bombs” on Sunday, as he urged the Food and Drug Administration to use its new authority to probe — and possibly recall — the devices. “We’ve all heard the old adage, where there’s smoke there may be fire — well here, where there’s smoke, there’s sometimes explosions,” Schumer said, citing a rash of incidents in recent weeks, [...]


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