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Bishop’s Note: February 23, 2017 – All Eyes On Jesus

Archbishop Duncan was often fond of saying: “Keep the main thing the main thing, and the main thing is Jesus!” Of course, Archbishop is not new in the admonishment – the whole of the Church has pointed us in this direction.  In the fourth century, St. Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa, wrote these words:

Let Us Keep Our Eyes Fixed on Christ 

We shall be blessed with clear vision if we keep our eyes fixed on Christ, for he, as Paul teaches, is our head, and there is in him no shadow of evil. Saint Paul himself and all who have reached the same heights of sanctity had their eyes fixed on Christ, and so have all who live and move and have their being in him.
As no darkness can be seen by anyone surrounded by light, so no trivialities can capture the attention of anyone who has his eyes on Christ. The man who keeps his eyes upon the head and origin of the whole universe has them on virtue in all its perfection; he has them on truth, on justice, on immortality and on everything else that is good, for Christ is goodness itself.

The wise man, then, turns his eyes toward the One who is his head, but the fool gropes in darkness.
 No one who puts his lamp under a bed instead of on a lamp-stand will receive any light from it. People are often considered blind and useless when they make the supreme Good their aim and give themselves up to the contemplation of God, but Paul made a boast of this and proclaimed himself a fool for Christ’s sake. The reason he said, We are fools for Christ’s sake was that his mind was free from all earthly preoccupations. It was as though he said, “We are blind to the life here below because our eyes are raised toward the One who is our head.”
And so, without board or lodging, he traveled from place to place, destitute, naked, exhausted by hunger and thirst. When men saw him in captivity, flogged, shipwrecked, led about in chains, they could scarcely help thinking him a pitiable sight. Nevertheless, even while he suffered all this at the hands of men, he always looked toward the One who is his head and he asked: 
What can separate us from the love of Christ, which is in Jesus? Can affliction or distress? Can persecution, hunger, nakedness, danger or death? In other words, “What can force me to take my eyes from him who is my head and to turn them toward things that are contemptible?”
He bids us follow his example: Seek the things that are above, he says, which is only another way of saying: “Keep your eyes on Christ.”

~Gregory of Nyssa (335-394)

February 23
ADSJ Task Force Meeting
February 24-26
Winter Youth Retreat
February 26
Bishop @ Christ Church - Lemoore
March 1
Deadline for ACNA Parochial Reports (This is the date they auto submit)
March 1
Ash Wednesday (Bp. Menees @ St. James' - Lindsay)
March 3-5
Vestry/Bishop's Committee Retreat Option 2
March 11
Bp. Menees @ Little Brothers and Sisters of Sacrifice Quiet Day
March 12
Bp. Menees @ St. John's - Porterville
March 14 
Rural Dean's Meeting
March 18
Visioning Retreat for Diocesan Council and Standing Committee
March 19
Bp. Menees @ Our Lady of Guadalupe
March 26
Bp. Menees @ St. Luke's - Bakersfield, for their last service in current building
April 2 - 3
Bishop @ Meeting in Texas
April 6
Mass of Chrism
San Joaquin Anglican
Bishop's Call to Prayer
Thirty-nine Articles of Religion
XV. Of Christ alone without Sin

Christ in the truth of our nature was made like unto us in all things, sin only except, from which he was clearly void, both in his flesh, and in his spirit. He came to be the Lamb without spot, who, by sacrifice of himself once made, should take away the sins of the world; and sin (as Saint John saith) was not in him. But all we the rest, although baptized and born again in Christ, yet offend in many things; and if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

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