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Vintage Roland Guitar Synthesizer Updates - December 2013

The Holiday Edition of the Vintage Roland Guitar Synth Newsletter

First, thanks to guitar synth enthusiast Jim Meaton for sharing his unique "Steampunk" G-707 (above). As I recall, the laser site on the stabilizer arm does work, which I presume enables Jim to sight-read particularly egregious music from a safe distance.

Some Questions Answered in November:

1) What is the thread of a G-707 guitar trem bar? According to my notes, a vintage strat type 10-32 thread will do the trick if you lost your original G-707 trem arm.

2) Can I build a GR-300 from scratch? Well...almost, except that you need a vintage Roland IR3109 for the low-pass filter, made from pure unobtainium.

3) How do you enable processing my normal guitar pickups in the GR-55? I get this question a lot, especially since people are using the Filter/Buffer to allow normal guitars to access the Roland COSM amps, cabinets, and effects in the GR-55. So I posted a YouTube video on the subject.

These are a few of the technical questions people email me about. If you have a question, let me know, and be sure to check out the Vintage Roland Guitar Synth website for more information on vintage Roland gear.

BTW: You are receiving this email because you may have contacted me, Wayne Joness, with a question about vintage Roland guitar synthesizers, like the GR-300 or GR-500. Or you may have purchased one of my custom built guitar synth accessories. Click at the bottom to unsubscribe.
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Using Normal Pickups with the Roland GR-55: Detailed tips on how to program the Roland GR-55 to process the normal pickup out. Examples: clean, distorted, and delay wet/dry mix control. Learn More!
Available Now:
  • UX-20 - New version 2, expanded Roland US-20 clone that adds GK S1/S2 and Synth Volume Options, effects loop, and the ability to use non GK equipped guitars with the Roland GR-55. Ebay price: $199, buy direct for $179! Email for information.
  • Filter/Buffer - Roland GR-55 VG-99 Tracking Optimizer with Auxiliaray inputs and Master Effects loop. The Filter/Buffer adds sub-sonic filtering for Roland synths, plus 2 auxiliary inputs and master efx loop. Ebay price: $199, buy direct for $169. Email for information.
  • RC-1324-VR - The 2013 "RED" version is back! The price includes a newly built DB25 to Roland 24-pin cable, 10' long. Now a Roland GK-3 guitar can work like a vintage Roland guitar controller and directly play the GR-300 or GR-700. Ebay price: $597.98, buy direct for  $538.88. Email for information.
  • GK-20 - The "reverse" UX-20. This compact analog switchers enables two GK equipped guitars to play one GR synthesizer.Ebay price: $199, buy direct for $169. Email for information.
  • BX-13-MICRO - Acclaimed vintage 24-pin to 13-pin Guitar Synthesizer Converter. The newest version of the BX-13 is the most transparent converter to enable vintage 24-pin guitars to play modern 13-pin synths. Ebay price: $299, buy direct for $269! Email for information.

    I apologize for problems keeping some units in stock. I build everything by hand, and rely on a specialized company for the custom PC boards. If there is a delay, I ship within one week to 10 days.

New - Guitar Schematics:

This past month all the individual guitar pages were modified to include a direct link to the schematic for the guitar printed circuit board. This link is in both the "links" section of the page, and in the "service" notes section.

The guitar schematics have always been available as part of the general service notes. But you may not want to download the entire service manual just to check the kind of op-amp in a Roland G-707. Now, you can get right to the section you need if you are only checking out your guitar.

Also added, and not previously available, the schematic for the vintage 24-pin Roland compatible Korg ZD3 controller.
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