Forums on Rojava & Joe Hill. Rallies against racism & for the climate.
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Red & Black Forum: Rojava

Understanding Rojava, Bakur, Democratic Autonomy & Direct Democracy
4pm, Sunday 22nd November, at Jura.
The Kurds are quite possibly the most dedicated and successful fighters against ISIS/Da'esh in Syria and more broadly, taking back almost 200 villages in the last few weeks alone. It's undeniable that their strength and success is due in large part to their revolutionary politics of direct democracy and democratic autonomy.

To fully understand revolutionary potential in Turkey, Syria and the Kurdish region in Iraq, it's critical to understand the transformation of the Kurdish liberation movement from Stalinism and nationalism into a movement aiming to create a democratic autonomous Kurdistan, not a centralised Kurdish state. This transformation started in the early 1990s, but the most radical changes occurred after the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, read the anarchist works of Murray Bookchin in the early 2000s. However this doesn't mean that the Kurdish liberation movement adopted all of Bookchin's ideas or anarchism as a whole, instead, a synthesis was adopted to reflect Kurdish realities.

At this Red and Black Forum, an exploration of this situation will be presented by Metin Guven, who has spent a number of years living in Turkey. Followed by discussion. All welcome. Free. Facebook event.

Rally: No to racism. No to 'reclaim'.

12pm, Sunday 22nd November, top of Martin Place.

'Reclaim Australia' are attempting to use the tragedy in Paris to fuel further racism against Muslims. They are rallying around the country this Sunday. This coalition of racists and fascists might seem like fringe dwellers, but they are swimming with the stream in Australia. Counter-rallies are being organised all across the country to challenge their Islamophobia and racism. Join us in taking a stand at 12pm on Sunday 22nd November, top of Martin Place. If not now, then when? Facebook event.

People's Climate March

1pm, Sunday 29th November, at The Domain.

This may well turn out to be the biggest climate march the world has ever seen. And we plan to be part of it. Jura will have a stall and participate in the rally in the Domain. At the same time as the climate summit in Paris, we'll be taking action to demand a revolutionary transition to 100% clean, renewable energy under workers' control, and an end to dirty fossil fuels. The event promises to be fun and family-friendly. Come along, bring your friends and look out for the Jura stall, near Hospital Rd. More info at

Red & Black Forum: Joe Hill

2pm, Sunday 6th December, at Jura.

2015 is the centenary of the death of the iconic Wobbly bard and martyr, Joe Hill, the man who Joan Baez sang about at Woodstock in 1969. The itinerant Swede, who fought the boss at every opportunity, was executed for a crime many believe he did not commit. He was also famous for songs such as "The Preacher and the Slave" and "The Tramp" and who, through his songs, helped develop a strong working class culture in the Industrial Workers of the World.

At this Red and Black Forum, Rowan Day will give a talk on the life an death of this giant of the IWW and the downtrodden. Followed by discussion. All welcome. Free. Facebook event.

Against their wars, our solidarities

Statement by French anarchist group Alternative Libertaire
A wave of deadly attacks took place last night in Paris and Saint-Denis. The French government has been conducting wars in several countries (Libya, Mali, Syria…) for years. These wars today have an impact on the French territory.

We are confronted by attacks aiming to spread terror and to stir up divisions within the population. Alternative Libertaire condemns these attacks: killing people at random in the street with the sole purpose of frightening is abject. These attacks are the work of a political movement – the Salafist jihadism – whose first victims are the civilian populations of the Middle East and which has already hit Beirut in recent days. This same political movement that continues to wage war against Kurdish progressive forces in Syria.

Following these attacks, we will witness a securitarian frenzy maintained by political forces who use fear to draw us against each other. Already, immigrants and the Muslim minority in this country are beginning to be affected by political statements and are subject to indiscriminate reprisals.

Strengthening freedom-restricting devices will not prevent new attacks. The state of emergency is the suspension of many democratic rights, the legalization of large-scale repressive measures with regard to various layers of the population that have nothing to do with the attacks.

We stand against government taking this opportunity to ban unionist and ecologist mobilisations to come. All this will lead to division and strengthen fears and hatreds. All this will only lead to an escalation between terrorist attacks increasingly bloody and security responses increasingly repressive. The answer is neither the withdrawal nor the militarization of society.

The solution will not come from those who have contributed to this situation by their militarist policies, imperialist, discriminatory, hateful. They use this to impose an increasingly police state and a national unity between exploiters and exploited, which we reject and denounce.

The solution requires the strengthening of solidarity, in the neighborhoods and at our workplaces, and through the consolidation of all those and all those who refuse all regimes of terror. Do not remain isolated! Let’s get together to discuss our responsibilities to the situation, particularly in terms of joint actions of all social transformation forces.

November 14 2015. Translation via Workers Solidarity Movement. French original.
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