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It might surprise you that other than Hustle Con I’ve never been to a conference before.

And why do I, a conference organizer, avoid going to other conferences?

Because 99% of them are SOOOO BORING.

And the ones that aren’t boring cost an arm and a leg (TED cost $6,000).

Pretty ridiculous, right?

Because of this, we decided to add Ignite Talks to the Hustle Con line up.

What’s an Ignite talk, you ask?

  • Each speaker has 5 minutes, and must use 20 slides with each slide advancing automatically after 15 seconds, forcing speakers to get to the point, fast.
  • The topics will be actionable tactics, but cover more than JUST tech
  • The goal -  to quickly enlighten and entertain YOU!
You see, we don’t want Hustle Con to be a boring ole conference. We want it to be enlightening, energetic, and badass. Think a less fluffy TED without the hefty price tag.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to this year’s Ignite speakers:


Matt Fiedler - Founder of Vinyl Me, Please
“In a world of more, why we offer less”

Vinyl Me, Please is a monthly vinyl record club with over 1,500 members. Matt’s talk will cover why his team purposely minimize product features and how that’s impacted VMP’s revenue. If you’re the type of person who has 100’s of ideas but can't pick one then you’ll really like Matt’s talk.


Jordan Harbinger - Founder of The Art Of Charm

“Why people buy you”

Woah, a pick up artist at a tech conference? Kinda. Jordan is the founder of The Art of Charm, an academy teaching confidence and emotional intelligence. The business has grown to 7 figures in revenue and students range from men who wanna meet women to US military members studying body language and persuasion. Jordan’s talk will teach you how to make people buy into you, not your idea.


Chip Forsythe - Founder of Rebel Coast Winery

“Build what you live”

Imagine if you let the Dos Equis man into a startup incubator. That’s kinda what Chip is like. As the founder of Rebel Coast Winery, Chip successful talked his way into Boost, making Rebel Coast Winery the world’s first wine startup to go through a tech incubator. He even convinced the legendary Tim Draper to be an advisor. Chip’s a self-described marketer who happens to sell wine. His talk will focus on why you should build a brand that BLEEDS with your personality.


Jack Smith - Founder of Vungle and Shyp
“How, why, and when to automate”

Pando Daily called Jack the biggest hustler they’ve ever meant after finding out that he used Facebook ads to convince Thomas Korte to accept him into AngelPad. Vungle, Jack’s first startup, was founded in 2011 when he was only 22 years old and raised $25 million. He also co-founded Shyp, the ever so popular shipping startup. At Hustle Con Jack’s gonna give the low down on he’s automated his hiring process.


Andrew Fogg - Founder of
“10,000 leads in 10 minutes”

That’s a pretty sexy talk title, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want 10,000 more leads! Andrew is half mad scientist, half charmer and 100% hustler. As the co-founder of he leads a team of 17. At Hustle Con, Andrew will show you the trick he uses to find thousands of potential leads in minutes.

I'm really pumped about these Ignite Talks and know you'll love them too.

See you at
 Hustle Con!


PS - In a few days I'm gonna tell you all about Rick Marini, who sold his startup for $100 million, and Mark Organ, who sold his for $871 million. Yeah, pretty crazy,
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