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So you're thinking doing a track day does the job??!

                                 Headcoach Can Akkaya:  "...don't get me wrong. I don't wanna take this away from you, but...!"

Ever heard the slogan: "Doing one track day replaces 1 year of riding on the street."... or something like that?! What about statements like: "Riding on a race track makes you feel your bike on the limit.", or similar?!

Sounds about right and super exciting huh?! Well... super exciting yes- but it's not right at all to say- or even to think that this would make you a better rider, because where the hell should all of that coming from all of a sudden!? I am saying here, that nothing will change over night just because you have a track day ticket in your pocket. Straight up... the only thing which will move 'on the limit' are going to be your guts. Here is what's gonna happen in reality... (read more)

Headcoach Can Akkaya
Superbike-Coach, Sacramento, 2/25/2017

If  you are looking for a class where personal attention doesn't come short- then our Cornering School is what you should give a try. This program is well designed and helps every rider, no matter what your level is. Besides learning all survival skills for street riding- this is also a great introduction into track riding, because we don't run stuff on dumb parking lots. For only $139 you'll have track fee included, free drinks and snacks, and free sport photography. Even the US-Air Force takes advantage of this program. To sign up for the next Day 1 class click here:
Not  many spots are left for our Wheelie Course on 4/30/2017, and it will be booking out again for sure. This class is very refreshing and challenging. Coach comes always with surprises to make this program even better. For only $179 you are getting a full day of coaching with a highly passionate Superbike-Coach crew- free sport photography, 1on1 time with Coach while you are using his bike with wheelie-bar- and much more. We also have wheelie rental bikes which are easy to pop and also coming with a wheelie-bar:
This is the Superbike Coach Knee Down class
Our knee down class is heck of popular. An 80% success rate says it all but we are still finding ways to improve this program, and so to make even more riders beeing successful. Coach Can Akkaya decided to reduce the headcount per class, but to offer 3 classes per year instead of 2.You better hurry if you want to be on the class in May.
Check it out!
Feel Like A Pro will offer their rental bikes at our track day on May 6th. That's good news for people who want to take advantage of our track days, but having heck of travels or no bike... Feel Like A Pro will be there on our Thunderhill West Raceway and have race bikes you can rent, but those rental bikes are restricted, so make plans early and sign up soon.

To sign up for this Superbike Coach track day, go here:

We just renamed this program to something more passionate- 'Workshop & Track Time'. A seminar like workshop gives you everything to successfully personalize your ride. Going on the track right after and to report how 'it feels like' makes this program quite unique. But if you don't want to join the workshop- you can just take a track time ticket and have some fun with Coach Akkaya on the Little 99 Raceway. To sign up for the next event click here:

I want to send out a special 'Thank You!' to our sponsors, who didn't just supported Superbike-Coach, but especially our students. You might ask how they help?!... their support makes it possible for us to create programs which are either way unique- or just keeps costs in control, so that these programs staying reliable for everyone. Other sponsors are giving huge discounts for our students. I mean... where else can you get a 40% off on a high quality leather suit, just by being a Superbike-Coach student?! So let's thanks to these companies for 2017:


Can Akkaya was German Track Trophy Vice-Champion, record holder and has a few international victories on his belt. He raced the German IDM, Dutch- Spanish, and European Championships. Can (Jon) has been an instructor for track days all over Europe. 

He started writing the book Racers Story about his time as a racer and immigrated to the USA in 2008 where he developed programs for street riders. His advanced school teaches MotoGP riding techniques to street and track riders.Today, Can is also official rider coach of the US-Air Force Beale base.
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