JULY 7, 2016

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At the Haas Institute, we believe building a world where we recognize and work to meet the needs of all people requires that we promote Belonging and impede Othering. This new forum is one expression of our vision.

We are pleased to share with you the first edition of our new Othering & Belonging publication, an online forum and a print journal, featuring stories that investigate the creation and reproduction of “Othering” in our society—and how we can work towards a society where Belonging is centered and structural inclusion is a reality. 

Issue One of Othering & Belonging features stories that touch at both the heart and periphery of Othering. Pieces include reflections on policing from organizers in five communities, a look at the migration and austerity crises at the periphery of Europe, paintings of women who have died in police custody by the artist Daisy Rockwell, a psychological and scientific perspective on implicit bias and the narrative of biological inevitability, a deep examination of Trump, the right wing and Othering in this country,  and other multimedia and editorial work that examines the way that Othering impacts our lives.

In the feature article on The Problem of Othering, the authors note that “Othering undergirds territorial disputes, sectarian violence, military conflict, the spread of disease, hunger and food insecurity, and even climate change," whereas "Belonging is the most important good we distribute in society... We must support the creation of structures of inclusion that recognize and accommodate difference, rather than seek to erase it. We need practices that create voice without denying our deep interrelationship."

We hope you take the time to explore this new publication that is one expression of the framework of Belonging that underpins our work at the Haas Institute in advancing a fair and inclusive society. 

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The Problem of Othering: Towards Inclusiveness and Belonging, by john a. powell and Stephen Menendian

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Reflections on Policing, Organizers in Five Communities Speak Out - Interviews with advocates from the Black Lives Matter, Native Lives Matter, LGBTQ, immigrant, and Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities about the state of organizing on policing and police accountability in those communities.
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