MARCH 4, 2015
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New Research

Cover of Belonging and Community Health in Richmond reportThe Haas Institute's newest research brief, entitled Belonging and Community Health in Richmond, uses a series of maps and data analysis that assess the extent of gentrification in Richmond by analyzing changes in the demographics and housing market between the years 2000 and 2013. Note authors Eli Moore, Samir Gambhir, and Phuong Tseng, "If regional trends of accelerating housing prices and persistent inequality hit Richmond, a substantial part of the city could be vulnerable."

The brief was released at a housing summit in Richmond where over 100 community members, scholars, and policymakers gathered to explore connections between place-based improvements to community health, forces of residential displacement, and housing policies. Download the report here. 


events, dialogues, and gatherings advancing a vision of a just and inclusive society

Cover of Disability IncarceratedMARCH 8-9

Disability Incarcerated

A symposium and gathering to map the intersections of policing, imprisonment, and the disabled body and step into the conspicuous void within critiques of the “prison industrial complex” - namely the absence of discussion of disability oppression, despite the disproportionate representation of people with disabilities within prisons and gated institutions. Speakers include Angela Davis, Sue Schweik, Na'ilah Nasir, Liat Ben-Moshe, Scott Wallin, Jonathon Simon, Karen Nakamura, and more, as well as a participatory altar-construction by Sins Invalid. Event is free and open to the public. More information on Disability Incarcerated or download the flyer with detailed information.
Coded Racism & Inequality for AllMARCH 5

Coded Racism & Inequality for All

Berkeley Law Professor Ian Haney Lopez will give the 2015 Robert D. and Leslie-Kay Access to Justice Lecture this Thursday. Prof. Haney Lopez will also sign copies of his best-selling book Dog Whistle Politics, in which he "brilliantly and painstakingly lays bare what is unraveling our nation is.. a stubborn refusal to deal openly and honestly with the reality of how race operates today." (Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow). More information on the event here.

Censoring Palestine at the University


Censoring Palestine at the University
This one day conference will examine how recent political events have put pressure on university administrations to restrict Palestine as a focus point for intellectual discussion and engagement, as well as organizing efforts for change. The event will be held at 100 Boalt Hall at UC Berkeley. More information here.

No Better Time Than Now Image

30th Annual Empowering Women of Color Conference
This year's conference will reflect on the enduring racism of the criminal justice system, how women of color around the world unevenly experience, navigate, and contest overlapping forms of state-sanctioned violence. Nadia Barhoum from the Haas Institute will speak on a panel entitled "Palestinian Youth-Movement Building." More information and registration here.


john powell and Noliwe Rooks: Race, Higher Education & Social Justice, part of the 2015 Henry Cohen Lecture Series
Director john a. powell will speak at The New School in New York City on March 9 on the "The Role of the Public Sector in Advancing Economic Inclusion" as part of the 2015 Henry Cohen Lecture Series.  The event will feature a focus on questions such as, “What does research tell us about the evolution of policies and practices to address racial and economic disparities?” and “What is the role of government and the public sector in creating economic inclusion?” Other speakers in this series include Van Jones, Phaedra Ellis-Lampkins, Manuel Pastor, and Ben Jealous. More information here.


On Being with Krista Tippett and john powell
On Being's Krista Tippett will host a discussion with Haas Institute Director john a. powell on the spiritual work of self and belonging on March 10. On Being is a Peabody Award-winning public radio conversation and podcast that "opens up the animating questions at the center of human life: What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live?" Krista Tippett received a National Humanities Medal from President Obama. "Ms. Tippett avoids easy answers, embracing complexity and inviting people of all faiths, no faith, and every background to join the conversation." The event is sold out but you can find out here how to tune in to the talk.

Transporation Equity: A Brown Bag Lecture at the Haas Institute
The Haas Institute will welcome two transportation experts to talk about major transit systems in the US and issues for 21st century equity in transportation. Dr. Ikehekwu (Ike) Emmanuel Nnaji and Carol Kachadoorian will be in 460 Stephens Hall on March 11 to lead this discussion from 12:00pm - 1:30pm.

Rising Together: Career Development for Staff of Color
UC Berkeley Stanley Hall. 8:30 am - 12:00 pm. More info here.

Othering & Belonging Espanol
Belonging Quote
Our Othering & Belonging Conference will take place on April 24-26, 2015 at the Oakland Marriott in Oakland, CA. Help us spread the word with graphics we've developed, available in multiple languages that can be downloaded here. Thank you for the overwhelming interest and support in this conference! 
Color of Wealth Summit

How do we move from talking about inequality to solving it? The Color of Wealth Summit will discuss solutions. Washington DC, U.S. Capitol Complex. Registration Now Open!

Please widely circulate: The Haas Institute Summer 2015 Fellowship deadline has been extended until March 13, 2015. Apply now to be part of this fulfilling, rigorous, and exciting Fellowship. 


How the Government Can Advance Equity

Haas Institute Senior Fellow Julie Nelson, Director of the Government Alliance on Race and Equity, was featured in a three-part interview with Living Cities on how the government can take steps to address racial inequity and advance it for the betterment of citizens. As Nelson mentioned in part one, "The goal is not just to eliminate the gap between whites and people of color, but to increase our collective success." Nelson notes that not only can government be a powerful force for equity, but it can advance equity through government innovation. These changes can be made at the local government level, and there are at least four entry points to begin this work. Read part one, part two, and part three on the Living Cities website. 
john powell was featured in American Denial, a documentary that explores the work of Gunnar Myrdal and his examination of race relations in the US in the 1930s and 1940s. The documentary, produced by Llewellyn Smith, Christine Herbes-Sommers, and Kelly Thomson, was premiered in February on PBS stations nationwide and is available at PBS online for a limited time here.

In a video interview on The Real News Network on the day of the 50th anniversary of the Moynihan Report (The Negro Family: The Case For National Action), john powell discusses the economic and political struggles faced by black communities today with host Eddie Conway, former Black Panther and political prisoner released from prison last year after wrongfully serving 44 years. Watch the video interview here.
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