FEBRUARY 5, 2015
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When public schools get more money, students do better

Study finds more public school funding improves student outcomes

A recent study co-authored by Rucker Johnson, UC Berkeley professor of public policy, examined school finance reforms and found increased funding improved school completion rates, led to higher wages, and reduced poverty. “Those increases in instructional expenditures proved to have large dividends, significant economic returns, in the lives of these children,” Johnson told the Washington Post. Johnson is a member of both the Haas Institute Economic Disparities and Race, Diversity, and Educational Policy faculty clusters. Read more about the study in the Washington Post.
I Can’t Breathe: Racial Injustice as a Determinant of Health Disparities
The chronic nature of racial discrimination causes long-term stress and negative impacts on the health outcomes of African Americans. In a recent blog post, UC Berkeley Professor Amani M. Nuru-Jeter explains how the ‘wear’ of racial discrimination is linked to poor health. A study published by Prof. Nuru-Jeter in December found that poverty was more deadly for black Americans than for whites. Nuru-Jeter is a member of the Haas Institute’s Diversity and Health Disparities faculty cluster. 
Othering & Belonging Conference

Register now for our Othering & Belonging conference to be held April 24-26, 2015 in Oakland, CA. Speakers include bell hooks, Andrew Solomon, Ai-jen Poo, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Joanna Macy, Manuel Pastor, Luis Garden Acosta, Lynn Manning, and more. Visit the Othering & Belonging conference website.
New African Food Sovereignty Working Group 
The Center for African Studies and the Haas Institute launched the new African Food Sovereignty Working Group at UC Berkeley on Feb 3. The African Food Sovereignty Working Group aims to engage the challenges and alternatives of food insecurity experienced by people in Africa through monthly meetings examining the historical and contemporary debates and movements related to the complexity of Africa’s food systems. Global Justice Program Director Elsadig Elsheikh will co-facilitate the working group with Liz Boner of the Center of African Studies. Learn more
"Creating Common Good"
Director john a. powell spoke at the 44th Trinity Institute on Jan. 24 in New York City. john was invited to speak on the roots of inequality. He discussed how fear of the "Other" is driving anxiety at every level. The Other is often defined by race in the United States and by religion in Europe, powell said. However, he noted, we must look beyond just interpersonal relationships and examine how elites use this fear strategically to continue to consolidate power and marginalize people. john also emphasized how an equitable, responsive, and inclusive government is essential in creating a fairer society. Watch the panel discussion online
UC Berkeley's Dacher Keltner Helping Make Facebook a Happier Place
Although some studies have found that social media helps many people feel better connected, according to some studies, other studies show people may feel powerless, isolated, and unhappy. Diablo Magazine interviews UC Berkeley Psychology Professor Dacher Keltner, who is also a member of the Haas Institute Religious Diversities cluster, to discuss his work using linguistics and social psychology with Facebook, in order to make the social media experience a happier place. Read Diablo Magazine’s interview with Prof. Keltner


Will the Supreme Court annihilate one of the best tools for battling racial discrimination in housing?
Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that could be a major setback on efforts for racially integrated housing. The case will decide whether the federal government and states can pursue policies that perpetuate racial segregation, if no proof of intent to segregate is found.
Economic Policy Institute Fellow Richard Rothstein explains the case and what is at stake. Rothstein joined the Haas Institute to co-author a “friend of the court” brief on the case. Read Rothstein’s blog or more about the amicus brief in the case.


Haas Institute Summer Fellowship 
Now Accepting Applications.
Fellowship runs May 20 to Aug. 21.
Applications due March 1.

Campus Climate Symposium

UC Berkeley Campus Climate Symposium
A UC-systemwide survey found at least one in four students feels discomfort on campus. This day-long symposium will bring students and staff together to dialogue on issues of campus climate at UC Berkeley. Director john powell will give an opening address. 9:00 am to 5:30 PM Krutch Theatre, Clark Kerr Campus.
Disabilities Cluster co-chair Sue Schweik will be speaking on a panel on Friday at UC Berkeley entitled STALLED! The event will feature conversations among scholars, architects and activists on institutional violence, gender and transgender, disability, race, poverty, safety, and an issue that brings these all together: bathroom access. Maude Fife Room, 315 Wheeler Hall from 2-4 PM
FEB 11-13
Fair Housing Laws & Litigation Conference
Presenters include Berkeley Law Professor Jonathan Simon, member of the Haas Institute’s Diversity and Democracy Faculty Cluster, and Rasheed Shabazz, a former Haas Institute communications fellow. Learn more about the 2015 Housing Conference in San Diego.
Cal Performances: The Nile Project Residency
Cal Performances Director Matías Tarnopolsky calls the Nile Project a "major event on our 2014–2015 season." On Feb. 20 there will be a day-long event featuring: at 2:00 PM, Haas Institute's Elsadig Elsheikh will be a panelist on "The Nile and African Identity" discussion; and, at 4:00 PM, Elsheikh will serve as moderator on the "Music Collaboration and Water Cooperation" panel. Buy tickets.


Richmond Housing Summit. Join community members, fair housing scholars, organizers and advocates, researchers, and policymakers at this day-long summit to explore connections between housing policy, community health and forces of residential displacement. East Bay Center for Performing Arts in Richmond, 9:00 to 3:30 pm.


How do we move from talking about inequality to solving it? The Color of Wealth Summit will discuss solutions. Washington DC, U.S. Capitol Complex. Registration coming soon.
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