Make it a sweaty social event!:)
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Bring a Partner to Train Free for 1 Week!

Training is so much more fun when you bring along your friend or partner!

5 Reasons To Train With a Friend:
1. Accountability - when you have someone waiting for you, then you are less likely to cancel your session. No more lame excuses!
2. You tend to get more out of the session - you'll work a bit harder and become competitive by nature.
3. Shared goals - if you're both working towards a common goal, then it'll help motivate you and build resilience. It's a great feeling to achieve a goal, especially if you have someone to celebrate it with!
4. You're more likely to try new things - have you ever wanted to try a new class but felt intimidated going there alone? With a partner, your excuses are now removed and it opens up all sorts of possibilities to new forms of exercise.
5. Train together, stay together - studies have shown that couples who exercise together regularly are happier in their relationship. Working out together strengthens the relationship and enhances sexual attraction.

Just Do It!
Take advantage of our FREE 1 Week Group Class Pass today!
*Offer expires March 3, 2017

**Members who bring in a training partner will receive a $25 credit to use at the studio

Additions to Group Class Timetable:
Our signature HIIT Classes (High Intensity Interval Training) are proven to improve speed, increase cardio fitness, maximize calorie burn during workout, and aid in the growth of lean muscle tissue. All this in just thirty short minutes.

"The best way to compliment your boxing training!"

Great News!
We've added two new types of HIIT classes to the schedule:
HIIT Cardio & Core - all exercises include cardio and core strengthening exercises. You'll feel like you just ran a big race!
HIIT The Muscles - all exercises include weights, kettlebells, TRX, medicine balls, and more. You'll feel the burn and will be buzzing after!

Checkout our live timetable and pre-book your classes today! You'll be surprised at how fast you'll get the results you've been looking for.

We look forward to seeing you at the studio and wish you a wonderful week!
Nick and Tonia
1 Week Free Pass
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