Myths and Legends: What are those Bards peddling now?
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Myths and Legends

What are those Bards peddling now, oh,
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We've included some free Pathfinder content for you, our valued fan, to enjoy. This month we offer you a sampling from the new Mythic Monsters: Guardian of Good by Jason Nelson!


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What To Expect Next From LG

But that's not all! Every Monday check out Mythic Monday for uncoming titles such as Feats of the Hunter, Guardian Path Abilities II, Feats of Miscellaneous Magic, Marshal Path Abilities II, Feats of the Dilettante, Champion Path Abilities II, Construct Feats, and Archmage Path Abilities II.

Why Mythic?

by Clinton Boomer

You might not be using the Mythic rules yet; you may have no desire to ever use them. They’re complex, certainly, with no shortage of moving parts. They represent a whole other new-fangled bolt-on set of optional rules that take time and energy to learn; they’re new and unfamiliar content that change-up the action-economy, the base character-design schema and the core assumptions of a game that’s already plenty complex as-is.
We here at Legendary feel that you shouldn’t be forced to include anything in your game that you don’t want, but ... it’s possible that you occasionally find yourself looking for a way to beef-up a particularly important encounter. Sometimes, making one villain scary enough to go toe-to-toe with the entire party is a headache. No great GM wants her players to steamroll a final boss and wonder why the BBEG was such a pushover; you might be looking for a fresh way to “pull out all the stops” and “crank it to 11” that doesn’t just mean more spell-casting, another template or the mathematics of higher Hit Dice and attendant attributes.
If you haven’t before, take a moment to look at the Mythic Gargoyle. -- --
It’s not just a bigger, tougher and harder-hitting specimen than an average member of its species. It has a smattering of abilities that make it different, the centerpiece of a conclusive, climactic, winnable-but-memorable boss-fight even if the PCs have already fought a half-dozen encounters with gargoyles in a statue-strewn, half-sunken haunted garden and across the rooftops of an evil mansion.
And the PCs don’t have to be Mythic to beat it.
The Mythic rules are pretty cool, and they’re available right now for free, and the PLAYERS aren't the ones who should necessarily get to try them out first. In fact, the PCs don’t even have to know that the Mythic rules are in play.
If you’re looking for a way to make your iconic boss-monster just a tad bit more memorable -- a creature more akin to Jörmungandr, Zmey Gorynych or Dracula than the base stats can represent -- then the Path of Dragons and Path of Villains from Legendary Games offer a robust assortment of options.
Try giving just one Mythic Rank or Tier to a particularly beastly foe, and see what a difference it can make.
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Join Jason Nelson on this fantastic Q&A where he covers what to expect from Legendary Games in the future, behind the scenes look at the Mythic makings, other gaming systems, and more!  Watch Now

Who let the Gnome talk?

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In fact, the writing is so good that you really, really want to use these villains – almost immediately. This miniature rogue’s gallery definitely provides some of the most depraved adversaries I’ve seen in a while – and that is meant as a compliment. But that wouldn’t be enough if their statblocks were bland or boring. They aren’t. While not all statblocks reach the level of complexity I tend to enjoy in NPC-builds, a couple of them do and that, coupled with the awesome writing, is enough for me. Add to that the slight touches – like aforementioned glyphs, like demonic trysts gone wrong, the evocative adventure hooks – and we have a grand collection of villains, well worth 5 stars + seal of approval – legendary indeed!

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