MatchOffice News ● March 2019
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Flexible office workspaces still on the rise in 2019 - and into the 2020s

The global markets for flexible workspaces and innovative space solutions at the office workplace will keep on the rise in 2019 and into the 2020s according to a recently published research by the property investment group Catella.
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How strategically does your company strive to welcome clients and guests

The reception space and lobby area reflects the brand, soul, vision, ambitions of the company. How does the welcome lounge of your business communicate right strategic signals to your clients and guests entering every day ...?
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10 most useful tips for searching and finding your future coworking base

The global coworking trend and spirit continues its tremendous breakthrough and success with a more extensive selection of exciting, creatively designed coworking environments to choose from than ever.
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Start cycling at work: 10 minutes per hour makes you more fit and focused

Too much sedentary office work can lead to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular and other lifestyle diseases. Desk cycles are gaining popularity and contribute to earning the recommended minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day.
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The MatchOffice Client Survey 2018: Health and wellbeing top demands for flexible workspaces

Focus on health and well-being regarding interior design and tech facilities, etc. is an increasing trend when tenants choose their flexible work environments - the new MatchOffice Client Survey 2018 confirms.
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