MatchOffice News ● December 2018
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The MatchOffice Client Survey 2018: Health and wellbeing top demands for flexible workspaces

Focus on health and well-being regarding interior design and tech facilities, etc. is an increasing trend when tenants choose their flexible work environments - the new MatchOffice Client Survey 2018 confirms.
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Coworking breaks through as an integral part of the corporate real estate industry

Currently, corporate real estate giants are massively entering the flexible office space sector, including the global coworking market - one of many significant insights of the recently held Coworking Europe 2018 in Amsterdam.
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The activity-based office increases and changes your work life - forever

Seven out of 10 real estate executives want, according to a new CBRE survey, activity-based workplaces in their corporate environments. A Swedish study indicates how activity-based office space should be designed optimally.
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Working nine to five is history - your flexible workday reality

Decades of classic 9 to 5 workdays belong to the past - today flexible work schedules rule offices worldwide. According to a recent study, just six percent of British office workers are still tied to the previous working hours.
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Close the office - your employees are performing much better from home

The office environment distracts with interferences and disturbances that make us significantly less effective than if we work from home - a Standford professor concludes after a two years study of China travel agency Ctrip.
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