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A skill that can be taught

Trading without losses is a skill that can be achieved

Do you dream of becoming a trader, of mastering the markets, of making money by pitting your wits against those of others and walking away with a fortune in the process?

Do you long for the freedom that trading gives, both personal and financial? Does the ability to pick up on a moment's  notice and still operate profitably with nothing more than a computer and an internet connection or a smart phone turn you on? 

So what is holding you back?

If you're like most people you have found that trading successfully is a lot harder than it looks. And I'd bet at this point you'd probably even settle for some small degree of success, like making a little more on balance than you lose. However, the thought of becoming a really great trader, like one who rarely, if ever, losses, with a fantastic lifestyle, is a dream you've perhaps given up on. 

Well let me tell you right now, it is within your grasp!

I am here to tell you that great trading is a skill that can be learned. No matter who you are and what your background is, I can teach you to become a great trader. That means trading without hardly ever takng a loss and compiling big annual gains. 

My Forex trading course is totally unique. NONE of my forex classes has ever had a loss in the trading we do. Not a single trading loss. This is not coincidence or luck or magic. Rather, it is due to a very specific set of skills and knowledge, and the understanding of how to use these tools. Believe me when I tell you, markets and price behavior are completely predictable when you have the right skills and know what to look for. 

That's what I teach. It is a method that shows you how to completely understand the reasons behind the market's behavior. It's what I call "market composition." You will literally learn how to "see" what others are doing and how to take advantage of that. Imagine you were in a poker game where you knew the hand of every single player. Do you think you could win? Most certainly. 

Once you get familiar with my system you will have unbelievable confidence. You will be able to get into any position, any situation, and regardless of what happens, you will be able to trade your way out of it with a profit. That's a powerful, powerful level of capability.

When you see my approach in action everything you ever learned about trading in the past will look rinky dink. It will look absolutely small time; insignificant. Things like moving averages, stochastics, every other kind of technical analysis, even pure fundamental analysis, will seem imprecise and ineffective by comparison. You'll immediately see them for what they are...totally unscientific. On the other hand, with the knowledge I give you, you will know what happens next.

What's more, my market composition approach also incorporates Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). MMT is the most accurate description of how our monetary system works. With MMT we can accurately predict the effects of changes in monetary policy, fiscal policy and how economies truly behave and what affects them. This means while others are guessing about what will happen, we know for sure. 

I am so sure that my system will turn you into a great trader that I am offering my course with a no risk, money back guarantee. If you are not happy with what you have been taught and if you don't see the results you want, I will give you a full refund.

How much are you willing to spend to learn how to become a great trader? How much would an education like this be worth to you? An education that ends up giving you the personal and financial freedom you want and deserve? An education that allows you to work from wherever you want? Where it's just you and the market and it is you that controls your own destiny? How much? $50,000? $100,000? $10,000?

Well, it will cost you nothing near that.

I am offering my one week online course for as little as $2,995. This is your tuition for strategies, information, behavioral skills and proprietary knowledge that will turn you into a confident, successful, Forex trader. This is the tuition that will change your life. And if you take my course, you are allowed to join in on any future Forex courses free of charge, for as many times as you like. Amortize that over five sessions and you simply cannot find a bargain like this anywhere, especially one that has the power to change your life in such a profound way.

So don't wait. My next course starts January 6 and runs through the 10th. Give yourself a present for 2014. Vow to become a successful trader and change your life. You can do it. I have helped many others. Read the testimonials here,  here and here.

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Hi, I'm Mike Norman. Perhaps you know me from my popular blog or from my teachings of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

I have been trading Forex over 30 years and I call "Market Composition." It combines price information, MMT, mental frame of mind and my tricks from my days as a floor trader.

I guarantee that you will find my course to be completely unique and powerfully result producing. I will show you how everything that you've ever been taught about trading is wrong. In fact, it's the reason why people lose.

Find out more about my course today and start on your career to becoming a successful Forex trader.
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