FORCE2016 Conference Information
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Call for Preconference Meetings

Deadline:  November 13, 2015 

FORCE11 (Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship) is now soliciting proposals for preconference meetings for the FORCE2016 conference. The 2016 conference, “Building Bridges, Connecting Knowledge” will be held April 17-19, 2016 in Portland, Oregon.

Sunday, April 17, 2016 is set aside for groups who want to meet in conjunction with the FORCE2016 meeting, whether to conduct a workshop, convene a working group, hold informal or formal collaborations, or a business meeting.  

For the best opportunity for consideration, proposals should be submitted by November 13. Submissions after this date may be considered, depending on topic and availability of space.

Submit a Proposal Here  

Proposals will be reviewed for their alignment with the goals and mission of FORCE11Notification of proposal acceptance will occur by December 1. 

For more information about proposal submissions, please contact the committee co-chairs: Neil Smallheiser ( or Brian Westra (

Thank you, 

Brian and Neil, Pre-conference Session Chairs




Melissa Haendel
Susanna-Assunta Sansone
Nicole Vasilevsky
Committee Members
Abhijit Banerjee 
Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran 
Anita de Waard 
Beau Case 
Brian Westra 
Bruce Caron 
Bruno Paschoal 
Bryan Vickery 
Cameron Neylon 
Charlie Rapple 
Christopher Erdmann 
Daniel Mietchen 
Daniel S. Katz 
Deric Corlew 
Elie Wiese 
Fiona Murphy 
Jeffrey Grethe 
Jill Rodgers 
Judith A. Blake 
Juliane Schneider 
Kaitlin  Thaney 
Kaveh Bazargan 
Laura Zeigen 
Laurel Haak 
Leslie Chan 
Lisa Girard 
Maija Anderson 
Margy Avery 
Maryann Martone 
Merce Crosas 
Michael Lauruhn 
Neil Chue Hong 
Neil Smalheiser 
Paul Groth 
Randi Vita 
Robert McDonald 
Rose Relevo 
Samir Hachani 
Simon Hodson 
Stephanie Hagstrom 
Steve Van Tuyl 
Sulayman K. Sowe 
Tim Clark 
Tom Crick 
Victoria Wong 
Violeta Ilik 

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