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May 2021 Newsletter

As I’m sure you are aware, Mentoring is one of NWIR’s four pillars and FYI…it is one of my favorites. Our Mentorship Committee exists to empower women in our industry by encouraging mentor/mentee relationships and develop avenues to bring women together to share thoughts, best practices and coaching opportunities for career growth. Have you taken a moment to update your profile on NWIR for Mentorship?

Step 1: Simply log into your account, click on My Profile, click on edit and update questions M1 and M2 with regards to Mentorship. If you said yes to either M1 or M2, continue on to Step 2.  

Step 2:  Go back to your member center, select Mentor/Mentee Search, answer the two questions and you will open a bank of knowledgeable people to help you in your career. These people have volunteered to be “your” mentor, DO NOT be afraid to reach out to them.  They want to help you!

I had a mentee reach out to me to be her mentor and the two of us have a great connection.  As our conversations have grown and changed, we are now mentor to mentor. I love our collaboration and this new friendship we have made.

Don’t wait, update your profile today and reach out to someone that you can help or someone that can help you.  Take advantage of this great member benefit, it is priceless.

Renae Bales, KPost Roofing & Waterproofing


Rae July, Chinook Roofing; NWiR DEI Committee Co-Chair
                                  Jess Cress, Bone Dry Roofing Company; NWiR DEI Committee Co-Chair
                                 Meredith Marsh-Shaevitz, Pitch Perfect Roofing; NWIR DEI Committee Vice Chair

Roofing Is: Diversity – Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month

With the rise in anti-Asian sentiment throughout the country lately it is important for us at NWiR to acknowledge and celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. The first Japanese immigrants came to the United States in May 1843 and in May 1869 the transcontinental railroad was completed thanks to the hard work of thousands of Chinese laborers making May a symbolic month to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month. According to the US Census Bureau, Asians and Pacific Islanders are the fastest growing racial group, with numbers nearing 10 million people which accounts for 4% of the population. Read more...

Leah Dougherty Commercial Excellence JM

How did you get involved in the roofing industry?
Total coincidence – I was working in chemicals manufacturing in the Northeast and wanted to find a job in product development out west. JM had role for R&D/Product Engineering supporting cover boards at the right time. Since then, I’ve moved into supporting our commercial teams and learning more about the details of commercial roofing.

What is one of the key things you’ve learned about yourself that you wish you would’ve known when you first entered the roofing industry?
How incredibly complex it is – and how much I’d really love it and thrive in trying to make sense of it all! Read more...

Sarah Schneider, Cool Roof Rating Council Deputy Director

How did you get involved in the roofing industry?
I started working for the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) in July 2013, immediately after earning a master’s degree in environmental policy with a focus in collaborative policymaking and social justice. I had several years of experience working in the energy efficiency field prior to joining the CRRC, and when the opportunity presented itself to work for the organization, my first thought was “but I don’t know anything about roofing!” The past eight years have been a rewarding and positive experience for me, not only because I work for a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that educates the public about the benefits of reflective roofing materials in combatting climate change and the Urban Heat Island effect, but also because it has afforded me the opportunity of meeting so many wonderful people in the industry, many of which have become very good friends. Read more...

Maureen Greeves, Tremco; NWiR Education Committee Chair
Erica Faver, Duro-Last Roofing, Inc.; NWiR Education Committee Vice Chair

MAY - Let’s Go Green!!! (After those April Showers)

We have some educational opportunities for everyone. Whether you want to earn continuing education credits, or just want to learn, we have a great line-up for you! Do you know what a green roof is? What about living walls? Maybe you’ve heard about a “Live Roof”, but you were afraid to ask what it is. Here’s your chance to learn about all of these topics. Check out our amazing “Green May” schedule. Read more...

Weathering the Storm: Hands-On Demo for Installing Asphalt Shingles

The NWiR Education Committee will be hosting a hands-on demo on May 20th. During this hands-on demo, the GAF C.A.R.E. team will be teaching us how to install asphalt shingles (just like the ones that are on your roof)! The Charlotte Metro, Nashville, and Cleveland Councils will be participating at their select locations and showing us what they have learned. Please join us “Shingle Ladies” virtually from 12-1pm EST on May 20th! Click here to register.
Monica Pedrique Vornbrock, The GLO Group; NWIR Events Committee Chair
Brittany Wimbish, Fields Roof Service; NWiR Events Committee Vice Chair


Meditation and Yoga

Join Michelle Ostermyer for a 60 minute yoga and meditation class on May 7, 2021 at 9 AM ET. Michelle has years of experience and is proud to have completed her 500-hour yoga teacher training at the Himalayan Institute. This 60 minute practice is inclusive to everyone regardless if they have practiced yoga before. It will include gentle seated and standing postures, movement to link the mind to the body and a short meditation. She hopes that you leave the class feeling refreshed and nourished with a deeper connection to yourself. Click here to register
  Kelley Caron, OMG Roofing Products; NWiR Mentoring Committee Chair
 Kyrah Coker, National Roofing Partners; NWiR Mentoring Committee Vice Chair

N.E.W.S. (Network of Educating Women Scholarship) Conference Attendee Program

NWIR is honored to offer for a third year the scholarship program for first-time contractor attendees to NWIR Day and the 2021 IRE and NRCA Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. This program is designed to encourage first-time attendees who work for a contractor to experience the benefits of professional development in the roofing industry. Attendance at these events can influence one’s career trajectory and benefit not just the attendee, but her company/employer as well. NWIR is pleased to offer four scholarships for 2021. Read more...

  Karen Edwards, Casimir Group; NWiR Councils Committee Chair
 Christine Mockenhaupt, SRS Distribution Inc.; NWiR Councils Committee Vice Chair
If you have been part of a successful council startup, consider joining the NWIR Councils committee. We meet regularly with councils across the country who are looking for guidance and support to get their own local councils established. Your insight and wisdom will go a long way toward helping others find success. If you are interested, please contact the Councils Committee Chairs at

Here’s what some of our councils have been up to lately:

NWiR Oklahoma Council

This month, we had a great meeting in Edmond learning common policy misconceptions from Greg Cannon at Coppermark Public Adjusters. Thank you to Greg for being our speaker and Thank you to Tammy John’s at P.I. Roofing for being our lunch sponsor. We appreciate you!

Our next meeting is on May 27th in Tulsa, details to come.


NWiR Oregon Council

The Oregon Council decided to offer a hybrid version for their April meeting last month. The meeting had one of the highest levels of participation since the start of the pandemic last year. Allowing folks to choose whether they preferred to attend a meeting in person, or in the comfort of their home or office, opened up the pool for more attendees.

The council brought in Safety NW to discuss developing or enhancing a safety program for your business. Safety NW also provided various tips on creating a culture of safety in your workplace. The council is looking forward to continuing the hybrid model for future meetings.

NWiR Minnesota Council

MN Chapter is excited to have one of our own members, Katie Ciani, speak to other members and potential members on tips to communicating in a male-dominated industry on June 22nd!



Polyglass Roof Coatings Stand Up to the Test for a Commercial Project in Southern California

Lareta, LLC, needed a roof restoration for their headquarters in Pomona, CA so they reached out to their contractor of choice, C.I. Services. Over the years C.I. Services gained the reputation as an industry leading surface support company for their high-quality commercial roofing installation, maintenance, and repair services.

To ensure a quality roof restoration to an aging PVC roof – 500 squares total, C.I. Services turned to silicone roof coatings from Polyglass U.S.A., Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems, to get the job done. Read more...

National Roofing Partners

Solar Installers - NRP is Your Best Partner for Commercial Roof Readiness

Don’t let roof problems become YOUR problem! We ensure a commercial roof is ready for your installation or service project and maintains roof manufacturers’ warranties. Commercial Roof Services for Solar Installers include:

✔Pre & Post Install Roof Inspections

✔Roof Remediation & Repair
✔Penetrating Mounts Installed

We also distribute the following Solar Readiness products: Slip Sheets • Ballast Blocks • Solar Mounts • Conduit Supports. NPR

Roofing Is: Connection

In early 2021, knowing that we might not be able to hold our fourth annual NWiR Day in the spring, the Executive Committee started looking into a program that would deliver valuable content to members and offer the opportunity for our Diamond Sponsors to engage with the NWiR membership. Our Diamond Sponsors provide significant financial support to the association, support their employees being active members and holding leadership roles, and they walk the walk when it comes to empowering women in the roofing industry. Read more...

  Celebrating women and their accomplishments

Jazmine Melton

April 30th 2021 marks a moment in history for Mississippi State University.

The Building Construction Science degree is a program marked for the most elite students. This competitive program is limited to entry and requires a vigorous application process that ensures the best of the best are able to grow their true passion for the construction and building industry. As part of the renowned Southeastern Conference, Mississippi State lies in the heart of the south in Starkville, Mississippi. Jazmine is the first Black woman to graduate from the Building Construction Science program and has overcome many societal challenges to earn this accomplishment. On behalf of National Women in Roofing, we are incredibly proud of this moment. We are even more proud of this person, Jazmine Melton. We decided to reach out to her to ask her a bit about her experiences and her advice to future generations. Below you will find her answers as well as a piece written about her by her mentor while interning at Graham Roofing. Read more...

Mackenzie Beldon

Beldon Roofing recently announced the promotion of Mackenzie Beldon to Director, RoofExtend™ Program. In addition to her current duties, these additional duties include implementing the rollout, overseeing the entire program, working with the Customer Care Sales TEAM, and coordinating with Business Development to develop a strategic solution for their customer base. Congrats Mackenzie!

Brenna Driver

Owens Corning Area Sales Manager Brenna Driver has earned the company’s highest sales honor, induction into the Chairman’s Club. Members are Owens Corning ambassadors both internally and throughout our industry. Brenna was honored for her ability to inspire, motivate and lead while representing the company.

Alexus Lopez

Alexus Lopez recently transitioned into the role of Business Manager for Elite Roofing Supply in the Denver, CO branch. A diverse background of positions in her eight years working in the roofing industry, has helped her to develop a niche for turning grand business dreams into a reality. Her daily work is now focused on projects that impact customers, create operational efficiencies, engage employees, and support the growing footprint of Elite Roofing Supply as a company. Alexus goal as a Business Manager is to always set the bar high and exceed expectations with our company core values as a guide – Be of Service, Be Accountable, Be Humble, Be Safe, and Be Better than Yesterday.

We thank Alexus for “Shaping the Future” of Roofing!


The theme of this series, Unmask Mental Health, aims to destigmatize the mental health challenges and issues we all may face. Through candid conversations, we discuss topics such as anxiety, managing pandemic fear for parents and children, resilience, and more. NWiR’s goal is to provide tools and guidance when it comes to dealing with these sensitive topics.  All seven of the Mental Health Matters webinar series are available to members and non-members on a special page on the website.

Jennifer Stone, Johns Manville; NWiR Executive Committee Past Chair

Save the Date for NWiR Day 2021

It’s been a year of frequent changes, but we haven’t had our enthusiasm diminished for the 4th annual NWiR Day, which is now scheduled for August 8, 2021, in Las Vegas. Our format will be a full day of education, mentoring, and networking while we empower each other as women in the roofing industry. Read more...


How Millennial Women Can Reshape the Roofing Industry

Several NWiR members and Executive Director Ellen Thorp were recently featured in Roofing Contractor in an article by Chris Gray about the influence of millennial women. “The latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows 57.4% of all women participated in the labor force in 2019, but were underrepresented (relative to their share of total employment) in construction at 10.3%. Thanks to advocacy groups like National Women in Roofing (NWiR), these women are banding together to make their voices heard.” We are so grateful to Roofing Contractor for covering this amazing group of women. Read more...

Supply Chain Shortage Information

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the roofing industry in numerous ways, including leading to a widespread shortage of materials. The prices for materials have been increasing, and supply chains have been disrupted as lockdowns, tariffs and other factors cause delays and limited availability. In response, NRCA has made available a Supply Chain Shortage Information webpage to help its members stay up to date with the latest news regarding materials shortages and price hikes in the industry. Read more...


Meditation and Yoga - May 7 
2021 IIBEC Virtual Spring Symposium - Month of May 
New and Developing Councils Call - May 11, 18, 25, and June 8
Community Service Committee Meeting - May 13
DEI Committee Meeting - May 13 and June 10
Recruitment Committee Meeting - May 14
Stand Up Meeting for New Members - May 17
Weathering the Storm: Hands-on Demo for Installing Asphalt Shingles - May 20
Green Roof Sustainable Solutions - May 24
All Council Leaders Monthly Call - June 1
Membership Committee Meeting - June 2 
Ellen Thorp, M.A., CAE; NWiR Executive Director

Industry Colleagues

NWiR is so fortunate to be supported by other not-for-profit associations, non-governmental organizations, and business coalitions. We seek these colleagues both in and outside the roofing industry, in adjacent industries, those that represent women in male-dominated fields and those that we have issues in common with. We add a few organizations to this list every year, so please feel free to reach out through our contact page if we have resources to offer each other’s members. Check it out on the website.

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