In times of crisis, you move together.

If this is not physically possible, then you have to come up with something to show solidarity and help.
For all of us the current situation is at least un- comfortable. For others it is difficult, threaten- ing or life-threatening.

We have joined forces to help those who already have too little with an action.
Due to the panic buying at the moment, many people are lacking the most necessary things, while others have their shelves bending in the basement. We would like to support the German food Banks together with you. Because of the empty supermarkets, the missing deliveries from restaurants and other supporters, the shelves are also empty and the people who live at the subsistence level go back to their empty fridges with empty bags.

What is #solidarknitty?

Who are we, what have we come up with to take the money out of your pockets?

The hand dyers Skudderia, Buntwurm and das Mondschaf ran a charity campaign for Australian wildlife relief a few weeks ago and raised more than € 3.400 within two weeks. 

This time we also have Nicola Susen, the designer of Nicolor, Astrid van Dyck, the inventor of Bodolina needle bags and the indie dyer Valentina Wollante on board.

A free pattern and special colorways

Within a few days a concept was developed, a pattern was written and test knitted and #solidarknitty was brought to life.
There are special colorways of which € 5 per skein will be donated (€ 2,50 from you and € 2,50 from the respective dyer), bodolina has a great coupon campaign and nicolor has designed a special cowl.

As a topic we chose the recommendations on how to deal with the current situation
You can support our campaign until April 30.
Please help us help those for whom the empty shelves are a desaster.

The campaign in detail:

Our colorway is called "Don't Panic" and we were going for soft tones with subtle speckles so you can easily knit everything without worrying about the pattern getting lost in too much color.
Nicole's colorway "Stay at Home" is a bold orangy red, dyed in remembrance of warm hours next to the fireplace at home.
With her colorway "Wash Your Hands" Maike reminds us of thorough hygiene to keep you and your loved ones as safe a possible.
Valentina chose #FlattenTheCurve and to get her colorway please write her a PN on her facebook page. If you don't have facebook just drop us a note and we'll get that sorted for you.
Nicola's free pattern "Don't Touch Your Face" is supposed to remind you of what is so difficult for most of us: Don't Touch Your Face!

There is also a KAL in Nicola's Ravelry Group.
Astrid's topic is #staySafe because this is important. You can get € 20 vouchers for 50% off. The other 50% - i.e. € 10 per voucher - will be donated.
For our recent donation campaign many of you wanted to get the colorways of each dyer and had to dye extra shipping costs every time. This time we're offering you an option to get all the skeins at once and saving the shipping costs.
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