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Use a Right Condom

Have you ever had the condom…

Left inside the vagina? Gone nowhere? Broken for no reason?

That is probably because the condom size is not right.

Nowadays, using condoms has become a common practice and there are many different types to choose from. Apart from checking whether the package is undamaged or expired, here are a few things to pay attention to:

  1. Choose the appropriate type of condom according to the sexual activity. For example, condoms for oral sex (condoms without lubricant), condoms suitable for anal sex (condoms with extra lubricant), finger condoms, dental dams or tongue condoms, etc.
  2. Find the right condom size. Choosing condoms is nothing different from choosing clothes, since our body figure (including size of sex organs) differs, we must choose the condom with appropriate size. If the condom is too big or too small, it may become loose or crack. Not only would it reduce its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy, HIV and other STIs, it may also lead to the infection of other gynecological diseases if the loosened condom is not taken out immediately.
  3. Wear a condom at all times during sex. Any fluid exuded from genitals (including pre-ejaculatory fluid i.e. pre-cum) may carry sperm, virus or germs. The pull-out method does not prevent HIV, STIs or unexpected pregnancy.
  4. Store condoms correctly. Poor ways of storing condoms may damage the materials of condoms and affect safety during sex.

Wearing condoms may seem easy, but there are many traps to look out for and smart tips. Check this out to know more!

Do not risk using condoms if you have any concerns, otherwise the risk of getting infected may increase. If the condom loosens or cracks, do not overlook the consequences. Respond to the situation carefully. Go for a HIV and STIs check-ups. If there is a need for emergency contraception, do not hesitate to consult the medical professionals.

Masked Christmas 

The Christmas Party was held on 23 December (Thursday). Considering that a Christmas feast could not be held due to the pandemic, a scented Christmas candle workshop was organised instead. Amid the pandemic, some of our fellow sisters may not be able to meet their families and friends during the festive season. It is hoped that the scented candles could ease their minds and help them relax during the holidays.

Games and lucky draws were no doubt the highlights of the party and everyone enjoyed it. We sincerely wish everyone a happy new year and look forward to meeting everyone without a mask in the near future.

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