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Check Carefully When Receiving E-payment
Nowadays, we can make an electronic payment for shopping in supermarkets, eating in restaurants, taking transportation, paying utility bills etc. It is indeed very convenient. People even use online payment system when splitting the bills with friends or helping friends who need money urgently.
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the sex industry also evolves. Some fellow sisters have begun to provide online sexual services to meet clients' needs, while without worrying too much about physical contact in the midst of the pandemic. The flexibility that it provides also opens up opportunities.
In this case, since fellow sisters and their clients meet only online, e-payment has become the only transaction method for online sexual services. Recently, a fellow sister found out that she did not receive the client's transfer of money after providing online sexual services. After checking it again, she realised that she was cheated by a screenshot provided by the client. Although the screenshot showed the accounts of both parties and the transaction amount, the customer did not press the "confirm" button in the end. The fellow sister was still mad when talking about it, as the client had visited her twice and she considered him a regular.
E-payment is becoming more and more popular. Very probably it will happen more and more frequently between fellow sisters and their clients. For that, AFRO would like to share with fellow sisters the following:
1. Check the screenshot of the electronic transfer/payment record very carefully. Make sure that it clearly shows that the transfer has been successfully completed.
2. Immediately check the personal e-wallet or online banking record to verify whether the relevant amount has been deposited.
3. Preset e-wallet or online banking notification. Make sure that you will be notified in case of withdrawal/deposit.

All fellow sisters deserve reasonable returns after providing services. Please stay alert and protect your hard-earned money.
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