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One-Sex Worker-Apartments and the Massage Establishments Ordinance
Recently, a sex worker who was charged with "operating massage establishment with a license" approached us for help. She insisted that she was providing massage service in a "one-sex worker-apartment", not a "massage parlour", and that the condoms and lubricants which she kept in the apartment could prove that she was ready to provide sexual service.
Fellow sisters may misunderstand and assume that it is not a problem to provide massage service in a "one-sex worker-apartment", and that by doing so they do not need to face any legal risks. In fact, it is not illegal for a sex worker to provide sexual service in an individual unit. But when full-body massage is administered to a customer of the opposite sex in this unit, it will then become a "massage establishment" which the Massage Establishments Ordinance applies to.  All beds, towels, massage oil, etc. in this unit may be collected and presented as evidence of "operating massage establishment with a license".
In Cap. 266 Massage Establishment Ordinance, unless the context otherwise requires –
Full-body massage means a massage service or treatment provided to a person covering that part of his body below the shoulders and above the knees, including or excluding arms;
Massage establishment  means any place used or intended to be used or represented as being used for the reception or treatment of persons requiring massage or other similar service or treatment.
Any person who on any occasion operates, keeps, manages, assists in any capacity in the operation of, or assists in the management of, a massage establishment for the operation of which a licence is not in force commits an offence, and is liable  -- on first conviction to a fine at level 5 (HK$50,000) and to imprisonment for 6 months; on a second or subsequent conviction to a fine at level 6 (HK$100,000) and to imprisonment for 2 years.

Fellow sisters, it's always better to understand the legal risks before starting any business.  
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