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Cheque fraud

Recently, a number of sisters have reported similar cases to AFRO – a client alleged that he did not have enough cash and had to settle the payment by cheque. However, when the fellow sister tried to cash the cheque at the bank, it was dishonoured. Only at that time did the fellow sister realise she had been cheated and lost income from that sexual service transaction, and it was already too late.
AFRO would like to remind fellow sisters that it is safest to accept cash only. If you need to receive payments through electronic payment, please check carefully to make sure that it is a "successful transaction", rather than a "pending transaction". The best way is to check the bank account immediately to make sure that the payment has been received. Please also be reminded that the other party does not need to know your password for making a payment to you. Don’t fall for it if someone uses this as an excuse in an attempt to get your password.
We recommend that fellow sisters do not accept cheques as payment, as it is not possible to verify the validity of the cheque immediately and on the spot. Even if the client is willing to leave you his personal information, it is not necessarily true. Once the client leaves the premises, if anything goes wrong, it will be difficult to hold him accountable and you will be the one who bears the loss.

The reasons why a cheque is dishonoured may include: a signature mismatch, overwriting or a stale date, insufficient fund, payment of the cheque has been stopped or cheque reported as lost.
If ever you are presented with a cheque, please pay attention to the following points:
  • Complete names of the payee (for a crossed cheque)
  • Current date (cheque issued by banks in Hong Kong are valid for 6 months from the date of issue)
  • Dollar amount (the numerical amount and the amount written out should be the same)
  • Signature and/or chop of the payer 
Fund will become available only after cheque clearing. Please pay attention to the amounts of "Account Balance" and "Available Balance".

According to the laws of Hong Kong, cheque fraud is a criminal offence, Offender can be charged with "Evasion of Liability by Deception", section 18B of Chapter 210 Theft Ordinance.

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