Volume 5 | April 2021

We are about a month into our fundraising campaign and have reached $8,800! Wow! We could not do this without you. Thank you to all who have donated and shared this fundraiser with your network thus far! You are all so amazing.

If you have not done so already, make sure to create your own fundraising team and invite all your friends and family to donate! We will reveal which teams raised the most donations at our First Anniversary Gala in July.

Speaking of our Gala, everyone who donates BY THIS FRIDAY NIGHT will receive a free ticket to our event, as well as 5 free raffle tickets! Don’t forget to share with your friends and family let’s see how much money we can raise in the NEXT THREE DAYS!



An aim, plan, or purpose

Way Club aims to help teenagers learn how to live an intentional lifestyle. Here is what our board members have to say about what they think it means to lead an intentional lifestyle:

Monique: Leading an intentional lifestyle means not only knowing what you're doing but knowing why you’re doing it.

Deja: In my opinion, intentional living is not about being perfect and having everything figured out. I prefer to focus on my values and beliefs to lead me down the correct path and to make small and impactful changes to become the person I believe God wants me to be.

Angelica: A very influential choir director in my life would always end rehearsal with the following: Be Encouraged! Walk in Excellence! Speak Life!

Darren: Leading an intentional life to me means seeing life through the lens of purpose and accomplishing that purpose through the planning of short and long-term goals. This intentionality is used in various parts of my life, both work and play.

We would love to know what leading an intentional lifestyle means to you, too! Please click here to share your thoughts. We will compile and share with our youth members during the Summer Growth Academy.

When our teenagers don’t know how to be confident and intentional, it’s easy for them to fall into all the different pressures around them:

  • In a National Survey on Drug Use and Health, conducted by the US Department of Health and Human Services, almost 75% of high school students have tried alcohol

  • Last year, the FDA reported from their National Youth Tobacco Survey that about 42% of youth smoke combustible tobacco products

  • In 2019, the CDC found through their Youth Risk Behavior Survey that 13% of high school students carried a weapon and 22% were in a physical fight

At Way Club, we teach teenagers that they don’t have to fear what others think of them. We equip them to live life with intention so that they can make positive choices that will guide them towards success and make those choices unapologetically. Not only that, we also show them how to turn that “intentional” lifestyle into a “leading” lifestyle.

We know that every leader is unique and that every teen has their own unique set of qualities that make them great. That’s why we provide an essential tool high-schoolers need: safe spaces, both physical and social, so that our members are not limited by social hierarchy to reach their fullest potential. With our guidance, our members will learn how to be proactive, positive, visionary, and motivational for their communities!

Way Club needs your help to create these safe spaces for high-schoolers to figure out what it means to lead their intentional lifestyle. Whether it’s a donation of $25, $250, or $2500, every dollar matters! Your tax-deductible donation goes directly into providing physical spaces and protected environments for teenagers to grow recreational, developmentally, and spiritually. Let’s make it easier for teens to live with intention so that they can lead their communities to greatness.

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