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Week 5 Term 2 2016
Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Carers and School Community,

What does a great school look like…?

This is a subjective question which, depending on respondents, would evoke a range of  answers. Read more ...

CMS Surveys

The classrooms at CMS are dynamic, challenging and nurturing, supported by a school community evidencing strong and positive relationships with staff. In order to ensure this statement of belief is not just rhetoric, a number of concurrent surveys have been taking place ... Read more ...

Open Day

This is an exciting time of reflection and consolidation for our school and the feedback thus far in most areas has been rewarding and positive. This positive perception of our school can be reflected by our recent Open Day... Read more ...

Need for schools to address changes in society

I recently attended a Leadership Breakfast organised through the Association of Independent Schools (AISACT) and was engaged by Mr David Price OBE who is an incredibly astute and well respected speaker on contemporary education practices, ( Mr David spoke on how society has changed and the necessity for schools to address this change effectively... Read more ...

Productive partnerships

We are working hard to increase ‘positivity’ and productive partnerships in our school and with this in mind I strongly urge you to support our school community... Read more ... 

Anthony Vandermolen
Would you like to know more about how Language is taught in a Montessori environment? Don't miss our next Parent Information session ...

From Director of School Administration


Dear CMS Community,

As mentioned in the last bulletin, we were fortunate to welcome Polli Soholt from USA for two weeks this Term. Polli, an experienced Montessori Director and Montessori trainer, provided an opportunity for our Cycle 1 Directors to spend time with her to discuss best practice daily routines.  Read more ...
The move to the new classrooms was a mammoth task undertaken with such a great spirit of collegiality from staff. The Open Day on Sunday helped to propel the school into fast action as parents from Red Gum got involved in the move on Friday afternoon. Read more ...

Áine Barker
Director - School Administration

From the Board 


Support your Building Fund!

The upcoming end of the financial year is a great opportunity to consider how you can support your local community while getting a great tax benefit for yourself.  Our Building Fund is one such opportunity. 

This week, as you see many of our children move into the beautiful new building with its custom designed spaces for learning that previous donations have made possible, please reflect on how you can contribute to the future of our school.

Buildings such as these are an incredible outcome for our students and the school, and are the direct result of your donations to the building fund. All donations are tax deductible.
If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to the building fund, you can do so at any time, and your support is much appreciated by the whole school community. Please follow this link to find out how you can contribute.

Montessori Readings (Book) Club

  • Come and join us at school on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm. 
  • This month on Tuesday 7th June we'll be looking at Language Development.
  • Places are limited so please sign up at the office if you would like to attend.
The Montessori Readings (Book) Club offers parents a chance to really analyse one area of Montessori each month. Read more ...


Absences at CMS

We all know that some events are unavoidable, we all fall sick, get stuck in traffic, forget to set the alarm or just get chatting on the way down the path to class. I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight the numbers of late arrivals we have had during Term 1, 2016.
According to our data base, over the period of Term 1, out of 181 students we have recorded over 350 late arrivals.
It is important to remember that running 15 minutes late each day equals weeks of education missed during the year for your child. Regular school attendance has a significant role in shaping both school-related and later life outcomes. Our aim is to ensure your child is here on time to receive the Montessori education that we all value, but we can only succeed in this with your help.

Please remember class starts at 8.45am. At present we allow 15 minutes for any families who are unavoidably detained and mark the class rolls at 9am.

If you are running late, please come to class via the school office. Our digital system needs to be updated for any children who arrive after 9am.

If you are not attending school on any day, please phone the school office (6287 1962) or email before 8.30am (

If we are unsure why your child is not present, we must text or call to determine the reason for absence.

Thank you for your help.

Sarah Beresford-Jones
Director – Student Development

Upcoming Dates


Term 2 2016

30 May National Reconciliation week
1 Jun Parent Education evening
10 Jun Pupil Free Day
13 Jun Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
14 Jun Board Meeting 6.45pm
22 Jun Learnscapes Meeting 7pm
27 Jun Parent Teacher interviews begin

Term 3

18 Jul Pupil Free Day
19 Jul Children return to school
19 Jul Board Meeting 6.45pm
23 Jul Learnscapes Working Bee 1pm
27 Jul Learnscapes Meeting 7pm
28 Jul Class Parents Meeting 9am
28 Jul Fundraising Meeting 7.30pm
1 Aug Child/Parent sessions begin
16 Aug Parent Education evening
16 Aug Board Meeting 6.45pm
21 Aug Learnscapes Working Bee 1pm
24 Aug Learnscapes Meeting 7pm
26 Aug Silent Journey 7pm
Banksia found this Bag Moth grub in the courtyard.  After some research we discovered that it weaves a silken cocoon around its body, gathering twigs from the ground to disguise itself. It pops its head out every now and then to feed.  Glorious Grub! 
Camp Quality, have just banked the funds and a total of $370.95 was raised, an absolutely amazing effort they say.

School Uniforms

CMS has spent quite some time this year looking for good quality uniforms with a bamboo component for softness, ease of washing and eco friendliness. These will be available in the very near future so keep a look out for more information coming soon!

Korean cultural experiences: Taekwondo (태권도)

Dear Parents/Caregivers for Cycle 1 & Cycle 2 classes

As a part of Korean cultural experiences, children in Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 will have an opportunity to experience some basic moves of Taekwondo, the Korean martial art. Since the year 2000, Taekwondo has been included in the Olympic Games.

This event is going to happen in both week 6 & 7 during Korean classes. The participating instructor, Lucy, is an experienced senior martial artist and she is very good with small kids. She will focus on basic forms and defensive skills.

If you have any concerns please let me know and I will take care of that.

Thank you.

Won Hea (Korean director)

Montessori Nature Play Group

One of our parents at CMS, Anna Brittle would like you to come and be part of a weekly Montessori nature play group after school on Tuesdays.

Parents and their children will explore various patches of Canberra bush for an afternoon of unstructured play. Parents will be responsible for supervising their children, in the manner of a playdate at a playground.  

The idea is not for a bushwalk, but simply a regular opportunity for children and families to get together in local reserves to spontaneously explore the natural world.  

To quote Paula Polk Lillard in her book Montessori: A Modern Approach (1972), "the children must have unhurried time in the woods and country to discover oneness with creation and absorb the wonder of the natural world."  

Locations will initially be made known to you through the class parent network.


Some useful links ...

Technology and Montessori - thumbs up or down? by Mark Berger - the latest MAF eArticle.

We are happy to continue supporting  Redgum Book Club which is an Australian owned children’s book club supporting Australian authors, illustrators and publishers.  You can view their on line catalogue here. And for more information follow this link. CMS receives a percentage of every order made.

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