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Hi there,

Are there certain times of day when you're typically on social media? (All day is an okay answer, too!)

It's likely that your audience has a rhythm of its own also, times when they're mostly online and mostly off.

What do you think might happen if you were to schedule your posts according to your audience's preferences?

There're a couple schools of thought here: 

  1. You might want to schedule a social media update when most folks are on social media. (Just like you'd probably want to schedule a dinner party at a time when most folks eat dinner.) 
  2. You might want to schedule a social media update during a non-peak time when there're fewer posts to compete with. (Just like you might want to air an informercial late at night when there's little competition on TV.) 

(I'm partial to non-peak times. Many others on the Buffer team prefer the opposite.) :)

Either way, it makes for a great experiment! 

To get started, it'd be great to know when your audience is online (and when they're not). I'd love to let you in on a couple cool tools.

  • Buffer's Optimal Schedule - Let Buffer analyze your updates to show you which times of day you can expect to get the most engagement (and then change this directly in your schedule). It works for anything - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  • Tweriod - See when the people you follow on Twitter are most active on Twitter.

And once you're armed with this knowledge, here's a cool way to test:

  1. Make a schedule within Buffer.
  2. Make a second, alternate schedule within Buffer (grab a free trial to test out this feature).
  3. Turn one off completely, let the other one run for a few days, then switch!




Share when your audience is online. (Or share when no one's online.)

Try it out:

Edit your Buffer schedule to coincide with the times you might expect the most engagement. The optimal schedule tool can help!


You've mastered the timing. Up for mastering the content?

Cheering for you,
Kevan + the Buffer team

P.S. Closely related to the question of "when" is the question of "how often." We've done some research here and can recommend a few frequencies to get started. :)


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