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A Guide to the CodeSMTX Draft

A draft of the new Land Development Code proposed as part of the CodeSMTX process is now available for public review and comment.  The CodeSMTX team has also created a guide to the draft Development Code in order to assist the community in finding those aspects of the code that they are most interested in reviewing.  This guide represents a chapter-by-chapter summary highlighting some of the key components discussed and some of the policies guiding the development of CodeSMTX.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Section of the newsletter is intended to answer some of the common questions submitted by you during the review of the document.
  1. Can I review a hard copy of the document?
    • A hard copy of the document has been made available in the San Marcos Public Library along with comment cards.
  2. Where will the new zoning districts be applied?
    • CodeSMTX is not proposing to rezone any property as part of this code adoption process. These new districts can be applied through rezoning requests by property owners or as a next step in the process to shape growth that aligns with the Preferred Scenario Map and with the neighborhood character studies when completed.  These new districts are designed to replace legacy districts for the following development types:
      • Medium Density Residential
      • High Density Residential
      • Commercial Corridors
    • One of the policies in the Comprehensive Plan is the protection of single family zoning areas and CodeSMTX is not proposing new districts to replace traditional single family zoning.
  3. What are Legacy Districts and what regulations apply in Legacy Districts?
    • Legacy Districts are existing zoning districts that remain on the zoning map. While they will no longer be available for new zoning requests they are still subject to the current allowed uses and current development standards related to height, lot sizes and setbacks.  Other requirements from sidewalks to landscaping will be regulated under the new standards in CodeSMTX.  These Legacy Districts may eventually be replaced with the new districts established through CodeSMTX.
Do you have a question about how the code will affect development in San Marcos?  Email us at

CodeSMTX Presentation and Open House
Save The Date
June 30, 2016 12PM to 7PM 

A presentation, open house, and opportunity to provide feedback on the Draft of the Land Development Code.

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CodeSMTX Dates

In the months ahead, the community will have the opportunity to review and comment on the Draft Code document. The Code will then be scheduled to go to policy makers for consideration and adoption during the Fall of 2016.

CodeSMTX Speakers Bureau

The CodeSMTX team can visit your small group or organization with a presentation tailored to your interests.  Let us know what you're interested in and we'll come provide the latest in the CodeSMTX process with your group.
Sign up here and we will contact you for confirmation: CodeSMTX Speakers Bureau
For more information contact the Planning Department at 512.393.8230 or email
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