May 2016

A Message from Jane

Too many things make their way into recycling bins that endanger workers, break machines or contaminate marketable materials.
Here are some things that should never go in curbside recycling bins:
  • hazardous waste
  • electronics
  • food
  • liquids
  • shoes
  • clothing
  • garden hoses
But that doesn’t mean some of these things can’t be reused or recycled. Many can go to thrift stores, clothing recycling dropoff bins, specialty recycling sites in your county, a makerspace or other places where they’ll be recycled or even reused. I encourage you to find creative ways to minimize these kinds of waste, while protecting the employees at your local MRF.
Jane Hiller
Education Director, Sonoco Recycling

Hazardous Waste and Electronics Dropoff Sites

The City of Columbia, Lexington County and Richland County all offer options for difficult-to-recycle materials.
Richland Recycles Day
There will be a big spring event to recycle hazardous waste and electronics for Richland County residents at the State Fair Grounds on Saturday, May 14. Learn more here, or call 803-576-2446.

Uses for Food Scraps and Rain Water

Composting yard and food waste creates nutrient-rich soil that reduces the amount of fertilizer needed to grow healthy vegetables and beautiful flowers -- and rain water can be captured in rain barrels to provide a free source of irrigation water and to help reduce the amount of runoff from roofs that enters storm drains.
In turn, these steps help protect our rivers, creeks and streams by reducing runoff and preventing pollution -- so kudos to our local municipalities for hosting compost, compost bin and rain barrel sales!
Upcoming sales include:

Calling All Shoes

Used shoes are better than no shoes! Please share your unwanted shoes by donating them to Keep The Midlands Beautiful’s annual shoe collection, which runs through May 15. 

Reuse Idea: Garden Hoses

A garden hose with a leak might work well as a soaker hose. Simply place the leaky spot near a plant that needs deep watering and let the water drip slowly. 

Maker Space Uses Fun Junk

Schools and museums across America are embracing the national Makers Movement, creating Maker Spaces where students of all ages are encouraged to put their creativity into action. You can be a part of this movement, too! “Gleaners” are needed to collect clean, safe, colorful “junk.” Contact an area school OR Daniel Cummins at EdVenture Museum’s Maker Space. 
Mary Pat Baldauf, the City of Columbia’s Sustainability Facilitator, recently donated hundreds of these treasures, “gleaned” from a neighbor. 

Please be a “gleaner” like Mary Pat, and then mark your calendar to attend Columbia’s Mini Maker Faire to see the fruits of your labors. The event will take place Saturday, May 21, at EdVenture Museum, and is perfect for inquisitive people of all ages! 

City of Columbia Seeking Applicants

One Seat Still Open on City's Climate Action Protection Committee (CPAC)
The City of Columbia is still accepting applications for the District 4 seat on the Climate Protection Action Committee (CPAC): District Four. CPAC is an advisory committee initiated to impact climate change, and will soon help direct the City's participation in STAR Communities.
For more information, please contact Connie Bailey at (803) 545-4268, or visit City of Columbia Boards and Commissions to download an application.
Internship Opportunity
The City of Columbia is looking for an intern to assist with some research for their STAR Community application. The position will start in July 2016 and could continue for at least two semesters. Contact Mary Pat Baldauf for more information.
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