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Starting this weekend and for the next 5 weeks, we throwdown!!! (read everything)

The CrossFit Games Open officially starts up at Badger CrossFit this Saturday at 9am! And we couldn't be more excited to have you participate!

As of Sunday, noon CST, we have 59 people officially signed up on the Badger CrossFit affiliate roster. Our goal is 75 of you throwing down, slinging weights, having fun and setting new achievements every Saturday! 


Important Details

Who is this for?
All BCF members. Scaled or Rx, Masters or Youth. There is a division for EVERYONE and it's simply more accessible than previous years! There is NO excuse to not try. 1 week in to 1 decade in, you are able to do this!

What is this? 
The CrossFit Games Open. Each year, hundrends of thousands of people across the globe do the same workout every week, submitting their scores to the online leaderboard. If gives you an opportunity to perform workouts in ways you haven't before, to be challenged, to set new goals, to motivate yourself on being better. 

When do we do this?
Every Saturday at 9am sharp! We will go over all movement standards, questions about the logistics, scaling, etc during this time. We start the first heat around 9:30am. 

Other Important Information:

  • If you are NOT signed up for the Games or do not want to participate, you can still join in the weekly Saturday WODs with the rest of the gym. Due to the number of athletes registered so far, we need you to register on Zenplanner if you plan to come. This way we can get you listed in a heat and give you a time to workout at. 
  • Every Friday, we will release the Open heats via blog/facebook page. 
  • Those looking to make the Regional team need to video record every workout and be judged by a certified judge. We will furnish this list of judges to those that let us know they are doing this for the Team aspirations. 
  • We need volunteers to judge, help with equipment moving, cheering, etc. Please let us know if you're willing to help!
  • A photographer is also needed for each weekend! If you have a high-end camera, please email us and let us know you can take pictures!
  • There will be Bootcamp (Unloaded) at 7am each week. 
  • 8am to 9am is Open Gym, but we ask that you be done by 9am! We want you to help us with equipment, stay to cheer the gym on, judge athletes, etc. if possible.
  • Every Friday, the class WOD may be the Open WOD. This all depends on logistics and the actual workout itself. 
  • Each Open athlete has Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday to get the workout in. You can do it in place of the class WOD only with permission from Tyler or Adam first. 
  • Deadline to submit workouts are 5pm CST each Monday. 
  • Read all the rules on the Games website.
  • You ARE allowed to bring friends, family, etc. The more the merrier! 
  • We will allow drop-ins from out of towners or non-affiliated CrossFitters. Contact us if you know someone who wants to join us at BCF. 

Are you ready?!? Here's how to register...

Join us every Saturday! Here's how:
  1. Click on the image or goto
  2. Start registration.
  3. Enter "BADGER CROSSFIT" as your affiliate/team
  4. Pay required entry fee.
  5. Have fun!
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