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April 2015

Happy spring, Badgers! We have many things happening and we're excited to share the news! 

Open Gym Hours:
Starting today, the calendar will list times that there is Open Gym. Here are the rules about Open Gym:

  • There must be a L1 coach in the building at all times, approved by staff. If it's on the BCF calendar, this will be assumed. 
  • Open gym is a time to work on skills, strength, weaknesses or do additional aerobic capacity work as discussed with a coach. These should not be intended to replace CrossFit classes nor think a two-a-day should be considered.
  • You must RSVP so the staff knows who is coming.
  • There is no charge for open gym as an unlimited member at this time. If you are on a limited membership (3x per week or punch cards), this will count as a class.
  • Members of the separate Badger Weightlifting Club membership are welcome during the Open Gym times as well. If you are a Weightlifting member only, you are permitted to use the lifting stations and accessory strength stations to be in line with your specific weightlifting goals (no CrossFit).
  • Please check the schedule for any updates throughout the week.

Building Updates:
As many of you know, we have occupied the better half of the larger gym for about a year and a half (crazy how fast time flies!). The time has come to remove the gray tarp and expand!

Starting today, crews will be in to replace and level part of the back concrete that was unusable, install lighting, put up drywall and MDF board, prep and paint and a variety of other things. Please pardon the dust while we complete this work!

We will also be updating the inside look, layout, and exterior of the building! Once the larger space is complete, we will be equipping it with more mats, bumper plates, dumbbells and much more! 

We're excited to continue to offer members more and more space, more equipment, all while working hard to maintain a personal care within our great community. We are really excited to open it up. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to make the place even more exciting and welcoming for your fitness needs!

Program Updates:
Rowing Club: Effective April 16th, the Rowing Club will be discontinued. Coach Ryan Groth is moving to Boston! We're excited for him and Katy as they embark on their new journey! We will always consider offering this class in the future per demand.

CrossFit Endurance: On April 15th, Dan Mitchell will be leading you all to becoming efficient and better runners! The classes are being held on Wednesdays at 5:45pm and Sundays at Noon. All classes meet at Hart Park down the road from us. Contact us for more information. Please sign up for the endurance membership here:


Competitors: For those interested in competing in the Sport of CrossFit at the Regional level or beyond, we will be having a meeting discussing what it means to be a competitor within CrossFit and what it takes to become a competitor at Badger CrossFit. Please standby for our date/time announcement. We will discuss the requirements for our new competition class, the things needed to be a successful individual athlete or team member, and information about local competitions and preparing for them. We will also add a competition class to our calendar (there will be set times) following this meeting. More details and information will be given at this meeting. This is not going to replace our Performance programming in classes, which a majority of you who have local competitions in mind should be doing. 
A short note about this: Please understand that the goals of CrossFit competition at a Regional or Games level is completely different to being generally fit for life. It's natural to think more is better but this is not necessarily the case. If you are unsure about any of this, please reach out personally to Adam or Tyler to set up a discussion.

NEW - Mobility class: Starting April 23rd, we will be offering a mobility class! It starts at 6:30pm and is a 45 min class. It's continuous stations, focusing on specific areas that need attention, but also individual attention as needed. Movement is crucial to making yourself a better person, and if you find yourself sitting at work, having nagging issues like back or knee problems, then this class is for you. Un-glue yourself for max potential in and out of the gym!

Each month, we make orders of SFH products. We do have some products in-house that you can purchase as well. 

All fish oil, protein, and pre-workout ordered through us is $5 off retail + free shipping. Simply fill out the attached Google spreadsheet. There are 3 separate tabs for each line of products with the costs to you listed above.


If you are having trouble checking in for classes due to "unsigned documents," please log in to your Zenplanner profile and click the big red button at the top asking you to agree to your terms. We recently went digital and this is why this is happening. All terms are everything you already agreed to. Also, please make sure you have an up to date profile, address, email, phone, etc in case we need to contact you for emergency. Also, please add your profile picture!


Gym Membership Reimbursement

New Insurance Reimbursement Program!


We just added Humana Vitality and The Vitality Group(part of Humana) to our insurance reimbursement options via Healthy Contributions. If you believe you may qualify for this benefit program, please reach out to your provider and they will get you the necessary items needed to set you up.

If you are with Humana Vitality: We will need a unique enrollment ID that your provider will supply! No banking information necessary.

If you are with The Vitality Group, we will need Vitality ID, Dependent Code, Plan code, Banking information/Voided check.

Have a different plan that might qualify you for reimbursement? Check out this page to find out if you qualify and what we need to set you up:
Please note: The above link has not been updated yet with the Humana info.

Upcoming Events/Announcements

The Movement Fix - Athlete's and Coach's Workshop
May 17th, 2015 - 9AM

We will be starting a mobility class very soon! This will be a nice launching point to see where you are deficient in your movement!


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