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Happy New Year

   Starting in 2017 Vermont Internet Design will begin offering services programming microcontrollers for a wide variety of applications. After 10 years of programming internet based website technologies. We have come to a point where there is nothing more for us to learn about the high level programming services that we have provided for the last 10 years. You can only read so many books on PHP, Mysql, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XML, and Ajax based programming before you come to a point where it is no longer a challenge to write a complex computer program in a high level language.
    So we have decided to go back to the nuts and bolts programming that we first started out with and create programs that run directly on hardware. This way we can design hardware circuits as well as the op codes that run the hardware. However, we will always love building websites for our awesome clients but we feel that we can provide them with a much more powerful toolkit and give people the ability to expand their ideas into the internet of things and get their devices also connected to the internet. I'm not talking cell phones. Maybe you want a small pin hole camera connected to the internet. Maybe you want an infrared detector that will call you if its tripped. Maybe water your plants when they are dry or pH is low. Maybe you need a custom gain on your amp. Maybe you like the sound of an amp made with vacuum tubes rather than transistors. Maybe you want to design a set of custom headphones, or a mic. Maybe you want a custom baby monitor that will call your mom if a loud noise is detected. Maybe you want to make a drone that will navigate to a set of GPS coordinates on its own. Maybe you want help building a brain or robot to take over the world for you (Better watch what I type someone might think I am serious, but they probably don't know much about me... Only what their pea brain can put together)...Whatever the case maybe run it buy us. If we can produce it than we will. We = Me 
    There is nothing in object oriented programming that cannot be produced in a low level programming language. In order to produce more useful application we have gone on to working with Arduino programming microcontrollers. Arduino is a prototyping framework that allows us to design custom microcontrollers. Some places sell microcontrollers in the box like an Allen-Bradley PLC. However, Arduino gives us the flexibility to also design the microcontroller. Microcontrollers are used in a wide variety of applications from alarm systems, to scientific research devices, to medical equipment.
    This allows us to have a tool kit so powerful that we can produce just about anything now. If we have the budget to do so of course. We can put together a prototype system of whatever it maybe. Than test the system out until we have it fine tuned to do what we want on our prototype breadboard. Than essentially once everything is working we can solder together a custom microcontroller just for you.
    These are custom circuits that I will be making by hand for my clients. For instance, if you wanted an intrusion protection system on your home. We can build out the entire system by hand so that it works in a non standard way. As most alarm systems and camera systems that you buy are out of the box systems in which everyone has the same thing. I can tell you right now for free that out of the box alarm systems are not foolproof. They can waste a lot of electricity and rarely catch an image good enough to do you any good. Now imagine that millions of people around the world have probably taken most of those systems apart and know the inner workings of how they work. 
     Buildings are not all the same and every situation is different. However, if going to a big company for these systems is simply not doing any good. We can design a custom system specifically for your individual situation. 
     However, we don't plan to go exclusively into the alarm system business that is just an example. We can also produce automated systems to timered lights, gardening systems, radar systems, conversion of analog data to digital. The possibilities are endless any type of electronic sensor that is on the market we can use as an input device for the microcontroller. The micro controller can also support WIFI, SMS, 3G, 4G, cellular telephone calls, regular telephone, AM/FM radio recievers and transmitters.
     After doing an extensive amount of testing with these technologies we are ready to bring them to the market and interface them with our existing services. So for the next few months we will be offering good pricing to the first few clients who hire us to prototype their systems for proof of concept or resume builders.
     Our primary focus is still to build websites for our clients. We are just looking to enhance their capabilities by leaps and bounds. We provide internet services and the internet of things seems like the goose that laid the golden egg. Give us a call so you can figure out the tools that you will have at your disposal. Your competitors will simply not be able to compete and they will get mad, we feel sorry for them because they don't know us and you do.   
     Well you can give us a call at (802) 787-9494 or email me at or 
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