Plus, I Spy location revealed.

🗑️ About that Fred Meyer dumpster ...

Plus, I Spy location revealed.
By Cassie Ruud

It’s Thursday.

We’re on the home stretch to the weekend folks. 

Did you catch our interview with the Portland Sleestak yesterday for Weird Wednesday? If not, no worries — you can find it here

For today’s news round-up, we have: A showdown over a Fred Meyer dumpster, how winter weather impacted vaccinations, the launch of a non-police response team, where to get your next torta, and a chubby squirrel. Scroll on for more. 

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Here we go. 

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3 things to know today 

🔌 Thousands of Oregonians are still without power from last weekend’s snowstorm. Power companies say they’re working hard to repair the damage and restore power and heat to households across the state, and Gov. Kate Brown has called a state of emergency due to the outages. See the power outage map by each power company from KGW. 

💢 Portlanders and police squared off over a NE Fred Meyer dumpster. The store was throwing away perishable food items that could not be stored due to a loss of power from winter storms. A small group of people attempted to salvage thousands of discarded food items before police showed up to guard the dumpster. A Fred Meyer spokesperson said a store manager called the police to protect people from possible food-borne illnesses. Get the rest of the story here from The Oregonian

💉 Severe winter weather across the country has delayed COVID-19 vaccinations — including here in Oregon, a report from KGW said. Senior Oregonians and educators are in the process of receiving vaccinations as part of Group 1, but Gov. Brown’s goal of resuming in-person learning statewide is still a ways off, according to The New York Times. Get the latest COVID-19 and vaccination case numbers here

3 things to make you smile

💕A non-police crisis response team has officially launched in the Lents Neighborhood. The team is made up of a program manager, a firefighter / paramedic, a mental health clinician, and two community health workers. Read the rest of the details on the pilot program here.   

🍞 Guess what — it’s time for tortas. Wanna know where you can snag this delicious Mexican sandwich? The Portland Mercury has a couple of ideas

🐿️ Take a peep at this chubby squirrel having a zen moment from The Portland subreddit. You know you want to

🍺 Today I learned …

Barleymilk's Chef's Blend is perfect for creamy pasta dishes. (📸: Courtesy of Take Two Foods) 

Beer is a renewable resource. Take Two Foods, based in Portland, is making milk out of barley, a beer byproduct. You can pick up Barleymilk in four yummy flavors at Whole Foods, Market of Choice, and New Seasons Markets or get it shipped directly to your home. Or, just enter our giveaway for your chance to win a prize pack with all four flavors sent to your home. Good luck!

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🌳 Wanna learn about pruning in the Japanese Garden? (Online)

🎥 See the works of Black filmmakers at the Portland Film Festival through Feb. 21 (Online)

🐉 Check out these beautiful lantern viewings (Lan Su Chinese Garden)

🤔 Learn about Japanese sisterhood in pre-revolution France with the Rose of Versailles (Online)


😆 Get ready to laugh and enjoy the 5th Annual NW Black Comedy Festival (Online)


☺️ Stretch and breathe into Energy Yoga Tuesdays (Online)


🎉 Celebrate Black culture at this lunch and learn with Equitable Giving Circle (Online)

Thursday, February 25

📚 Get your kids ready for AP Exams in 2021 (Online)

🙋One more thing …

Have any of you made that viral TikTok pasta recipe that’s been going around

The one where you bake cherry tomatoes and a block of feta and stir it together to make a sauce?

I took a crack at it (one vegetarian for me, one vegan for my partner) — and I think I’m a fan. 

(📸: Cassie Ruud)

If you’ve tried the recipe, hit reply and let me know what you thought of the results! Especially if you found a way to include some local ingredients. 

That’s all for today folks — see you here tomorrow. 

-Cassie at Bridgeliner

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